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At WEX, we are reinventing the way payments serve you, no matter your industry or continent.

Let’s talk about how to better manage and control spending, increase corporate payment security, prevent fraud, and optimize your payment process to improve your bottom line.

  • Optimize processes and improve workflow automation
  • Reduce cost
  • Mitigate risk and protect data with tokenization
  • Generate revenue
  • Gain detailed transaction data with level-3 processing
  • Enrich buyer and supplier relationships
  • Better manage and limit spending
Introducing WEX Corporate Payments

WEX is your perfect payment partner.

Corporate Payment Solutions

Discover how WEX can help your business streamline corporate payments.


Our virtual payments solution streamlines and automates international and domestic supplier payments for some of the largest online travel companies. Increase efficiency, optimize working capital, and reduce risk.

Insurance & Warranty

We assist insurance and warranty companies in simplifying the claims payment process and increasing customer loyalty with virtual payments. Save money, reduce manual reconciliation, and eliminate the need for paper checks.

Other Industries

No matter what your industry, paying suppliers efficiently is an important part of running your business. Our solutions help you pay suppliers accurately and on time—as well as helping you build stronger relationships and grow your business. No one knows payments better than WEX.

Contact WEX Corporate Payments

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