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Simplify the claims payment process and improve the customer experience by choosing the virtual payments solution from WEX.

Our supplier payments solution can help you save money, avoid manual reconciliation work, and eliminate the need for paper checks.

We make the claims payment process quick, easy, and efficient—and our virtual cards work with your existing payment system, so there’s no need for additional hardware or software.

Virtual payments are secure, fast and cost-efficient.

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Graphic illustrating flowing stream of money with an emerging new revenue stream.

Create a New Revenue Stream

Generate revenue by earning money on payments made, plus make significant savings by eliminating the overhead cost of checks.

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Lower Risk

Reduce exposure to fraud with single-use card numbers and customizable controls.

Graphic illustrating WEX real-time and touch-free electronic virtual payments.

Get Started Fast

No need to integrate with another system with straightforward file uploads and web services.

Best-In-Class Customer Support

Get 1-on-1 training from our expert customer service team.

Less Administration

We identify, research, and resolve virtual card payment issues, including voids, re-issues, and adjustments.

Robust Payer Portal

Use our Payer Portal for reporting, analysis, and self-service—plus, manage, create, re-route, and cancel virtual payments.

Products & Services

Electronic Payments

Leave your paper checks behind to reduce costs, mitigate risk, streamline processes, and generate revenue with our electronic payment solutions—a seamless approach to the procure-to-pay process.

WEX virtual payments simplify the payment process with efficient automated workflow—so you can reduce workload, improve productivity, and increase savings.