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Payment gateway

Automate receipt of credit card payments with our flexible, high performance platform.

WEX Payment Gateway

Businesses of all sizes can easily manage the increasing complexity of accounts receivable processing and data security.

Limit risk

Reduce fraud exposure on both ends of the transaction using tokenization to eliminate the need for suppliers to store commercial card information.

Increase productivity

Take the burden of sending frequent, high-value payments off Accounts Payable staff by leveraging our simple, secure, and automated straight-through processing platform.

Reduce costs

Help transactions qualify for the lowest available interchange rates by taking advantage of available Level 3 data.

Payment solutions for Corporate AR

Accept payments securely and with ease by automating your credit card accounts receivables.

Payment solutions for Financial Institutions

Enable corporate clients to strengthen relationships with their suppliers by offering straight-through processing as an option.

See how straight-through processing reduces manual oversight of recurring payments

Send payment directly to suppliers’ bank accounts via highly secure credit card processor platforms to unlock greater value.

Our simplified, secure gateway technology makes it easier to pay – and get paid

Fortunately, WEX Payment Gateway is powerful enough to meet the needs of every industry with web-based virtual payments, real-time or file-based processing, credit card storage and tokenization – or a combination of these capabilities – for a broad range of businesses:

Financial Institutions

  • Increase your value with corporate clients by enabling stronger supplier relationships
  • Choose the payment processor that works best for you

Technology Companies

  • Maximize PCI-compliance by shifting data storage requirements off your servers
  • Move to real-time payments to enable larger discounts from suppliers


  • Reduce PCI-compliance requirements by not storing credit card numbers
  • Easily enable your site with fast, secure e-commerce capabilities