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Payment network

Your major suppliers are already part of the WEX Payment Network, or they soon will be.

WEX Payment Network

You can’t successfully migrate to electronic payments if your suppliers won’t accept them, so the size of your payment provider’s payment network matters. We’re always growing our network to ensure you get the most benefit possible.

A Growing Network

WEX is always adding suppliers to the network – and we’re willing to add specific vendors if yours aren’t already part of our payment network.

Continual Enablement

WEX onboards new vendors as you add them and maintains contact with existing suppliers to ensure your payments are always completed successfully.

Optimize Payments

Virtual cards cost less than ACH or checks, provide remittance detail and generate revenue. WEX will help with your transition to maximize the benefits.

Corporate Accounts Payable

Switch to electronic payments to reduce overhead, increase security, be able to negotiate better terms for faster payment and create revenue from bills you’re already paying.

See how we build our Payment Network

Supplier network

The larger the payment network, the more value you can discover. That’s why WEX continually looks to expand our network of suppliers that accept virtual payments.

WEX Supplier Portal

Our innovative remittance delivery channel streamlines how suppliers receive payment information and remittance data in one secure, easy-to-use application.

Want your suppliers to accept virtual payments? We can help

The more payments you make, the more value you’ll get from switching to electronic payments. But you need to ensure your suppliers are interested and engaged. WEX can recruit suppliers for all these industries:

Corporate AP

  • Increase supplier adoption of electronic payments
  • Deliver a better supplier experience

Financial Institutions

  • Broaden the reach of electronic payments for your clients
  • Maximize your revenue by maximizing acceptance

Technology Companies

  • Increase the reach of your electronic payments network
  • Simplify payments and reconciliation for your customers

Travel Companies

  • Reduce cost and increase efficiency no matter how busy the travel season gets
  • Control supplier overcharges and manual oversight of payments