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Supplier enablement

Getting your suppliers on board is easy because we do it for you.

Supplier segmentation and onboarding

While you see the value in migrating to electronic payments, it’s not going to work if your suppliers aren’t accepting them. And you may not have the staff or experience to help them see the benefits of changing. Fortunately, we do. WEX makes it easy for buyers and suppliers to switch by providing everything you need for success.

Supplier identification

WEX is expert at identifying suppliers who are good prospects for switching to electronic payments. You just tell us who you work with and we handle the rest.

Supplier engagement

We reach out to suppliers to help them understand the benefits of electronic payments and capture the information needed to successfully process their payments.

Ongoing support

Our role isn’t finished when your suppliers are signed up. We provide training and support, discount administration, and payment resolution should there ever be an issue.

Corporate Accounts Payable

Switch to electronic payments to reduce overhead, increase security, negotiate better terms for faster payments, and create more revenue from bills you’re already paying.

Financial Institutions

Increase spend volume and maximize the benefits of electronic payments for your corporate clients by ensuring optimized supplier acceptance.

See how we recruit suppliers to accept virtual payments

Supplier enablement

From educational materials to personalized outreach, WEX has the tools to make suppliers comfortable with virtual payments.

WEX supplier portal

Streamline receipt of payments and remittance information in one secure, easy-to-use online application.

  • Connect with multiple payers across AP providers
  • View and download transaction and remittance information
  • Get real-time updates to payment status

Supplier enablement is a critical step in the switch to electronic payments

The more payments you make, the more value you’ll get from switching to electronic payments. But you need to ensure your suppliers are interested and engaged. WEX can help with the transition in all these industries:

Corporate AP

  • Increase supplier adoption of electronic payments
  • Deliver a better supplier experience

Financial institutions

  • Increase the reach of your electronic payments network for clients
  • Maximize benefits by onboarding suppliers faster

Technology companies

  • Increase the reach of your electronic payments network
  • Simplify payments and reconciliation for your customers