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WEX Integrated Payables is a bank-agnostic, cloud-based web platform that manages and optimizes all AP disbursements, regardless of type. ACH, virtual cards, EFT and check payments are streamlined and automated through our centralized application.

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Flexible Payment Options

Our flexible integrated payment options include virtual cards, ACH, EFT with discounts, global payment delivery, and checks. Payments are 100% electronic from day one.

Seamless Integration

WEX Integrated Payables easily connects with any ERP or financial system. Payments, remittance deliveries, and reconciliation processes are automated across all payment types.

Cost & Time Savings

Optimizing supplier payments can reduce operating costs and unlock cash flow from day-to-day operations. Streamline your payment process to improve time and cost efficiency, and get the best available discounts.

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Bank Agnostic Platform

WEX Integrated Payables uses a bank agnostic network and platform. Manage and optimize all AP disbursements, regardless of payment type.

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Improved Supplier Relations

Strengthen your supplier relationships as you streamline your payment process. Making payments electronically and on time helps you achieve better discounts, too.

Increased Security & Visibility

WEX Integrated Payables works seamlessly with your current systems, and gives you better visibility into payables at every step. Payments are automated and secure.

Managed Payables

WEX Managed Payables is a fully integrated solution that automates all payment modalities for the ultimate in payment optimization. Buyers are connected suppliers through a simple pay file integration. Comprehensive supplier/terms management means optimal margin efficiency and control.