A Conversation with Mike Dubyak

WEX Chairman Mike Dubyak has a unique perspective on what makes our company tick. He joined the organization just three years after our 1983 launch and rose through the ranks to eventually serve as CEO for 15 years. During those 30+ years of business growth, innovation and change, Dubyak has identified a quality that he… Read more »

WEX VP of Corporate Marketing and Communications Jessica Roy Featured in The Glass Hammer

A combination of intuition and creative marketing communications skills has been Jessica Roy’s cornerstone as she has built her career. In marketing, you often need to handle the unexpected, and Roy believes that following her intuition has helped her successfully navigate difficult conversations, as well as turn potential mishaps into opportunities to delight the customer…. Read more »

Supporting Entrepreneurial Success on Greenlight Maine

While WEX has reached the $1 billion in revenue milestone, an entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive our innovation and growth. So, it should come as no surprise that we love connecting with and supporting startups and entrepreneurs. We recently had an opportunity to do just that as a sponsor of Greenlight Maine, a televised program… Read more »

WEX VP of IT Michelle Pokrzywinski Featured in The Glass Hammer

Role models, mentors and sponsors are “the glue that holds a career together” says Michelle Pokrzywinski, and she advises women to look for these influencers within their team, at their company and in the larger business world. Michelle’s journey to her role as VP of IT at WEX shows the many ways a career can… Read more »

Meet a WEXer: Melissa Dudley

Since joining WEX over three years ago, Melissa Dudley has simultaneously held two separate and distinctly different positions within the organization. As both the executive assistant to our president of corporate payments and the corporate philanthropy manager, she says that balancing the two roles is almost like having two different personalities and requires strong time… Read more »

Meet a WEXer: Kristi Schmidt

By her own admission, Kristi Schmidt wears a lot of hats as director of account management and permits for WEX Payables. Located in our Chanhassen, Minn. office, she’s built a 19-year career in the fleet payments industry, officially joining WEX last year when we acquired EFS. A look at her career path shows why wearing… Read more »

Meet a WEXer: Gimbala Sankare

By his own admission, Gimbala Sankare’s path to becoming a talent acquisition coordinator at WEX was hardly a traditional one. Since joining us last November, he’s found the diversity of his professional background provides an ideal skill set for his role in talent recruitment. The past year with WEX has provided plenty of challenges and… Read more »

Leadership Lessons with Dave Cooper

Connecting WEXers with senior leadership is a priority for us, and one of the ways we accomplish that goal is through Leadership Lessons. Our Chief Technology Officer Dave Cooper recently hosted one of these sessions in which he shared an overview of his responsibilities as CTO, how he empowers his team, and his perspective on… Read more »

Employee Benefits Take Center Stage

We were thrilled to be recognized by the Portland Press Herald as a “Standout Employer” when it comes to using employee benefits to create a workplace where people want to be. This recognition aligns perfectly with our goal to offer competitive and innovative benefits that help attract new hires and make all our WEXers’ lives… Read more »