WEX in the News: Q3 Earnings, Expert Executives and Expansion into Japan

WEX in the News written above a typewriter

Last week, we stole more than a few headlines when we posted our quarterly earnings. But several of our executives also landed in the news this past month—sharing their expertise on everything from open enrollment to drivers’ ever-evolving day-to-day needs. We also nabbed coverage of our new partnership with Japan’s international payment brand, JCB. Here… Read more »

WEX Tech Talk Portland Was a Success; What’s Next?

Tech Talk Portland

For more than a year, WEX has been providing a regular platform for our community to come together to learn about how cutting-edge technologies impact our work—meeting with colleagues over food and drink while discussing innovative ways to achieve our goals as a company. These Tech Talks have been so popular that we recently expanded… Read more »

The Digital Transformation of the CFO: A Conversation with WEX’s Roberto Simon

In a world gone digital, many professionals have experienced massive shifts in their job descriptions over the past decade. This is certainly true of chief financial officers (CFOs) and senior financial executives—a cohort that WEX is particularly interested in because our payments solutions are largely designed to simplify and streamline their jobs. We recently polled… Read more »

WEX Takes Tech Talks Public

Tech Talk Portland

As a technology company, we are always looking for innovative ways to achieve our goals. That’s why WEX began Tech Talks: a platform for our global community to come together and share how their work interacts with cutting-edge technologies and topics like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more. Inspired by the popularity of these seminars, we’re evolving… Read more »

Our Top 9 Instagram Moments of 2018

Since it debuted eight years ago, Instagram has grown to become a social media juggernaut. With one billion users and counting (nearly three times the active user-base of Twitter), the photo-sharing app is widely agreed upon as “Facebook’s smartest purchase ever.” Twitter storms rage around the accounts celebrities unfollow and whose posts they comment on,… Read more »

Thought Leadership: 4 Global Payments Trends and What It All Means

Payments Pulse over buildings

Earlier this summer, WEX shared the results of our second annual Payments Pulse survey, completed by nearly one thousand CFOs and senior financial executives from around the world. From the findings, we plucked a number of insights that we share within the report about what’s trending globally in payments. It’s not often that you get… Read more »

A Conversation with Mike Dubyak

WEX Chairman Mike Dubyak has a unique perspective on what makes our company tick. He joined the organization just three years after our 1983 launch and rose through the ranks to eventually serve as CEO for 15 years. During those 30+ years of business growth, innovation and change, Dubyak has identified a quality that he… Read more »

WEX VP of Corporate Marketing and Communications Jessica Roy Featured in The Glass Hammer

A combination of intuition and creative marketing communications skills has been Jessica Roy’s cornerstone as she has built her career. In marketing, you often need to handle the unexpected, and Roy believes that following her intuition has helped her successfully navigate difficult conversations, as well as turn potential mishaps into opportunities to delight the customer…. Read more »