WEX Worldwide: What’s to Love About Life in Music City

WEX Worldwide: Nashville over Nashville city skyline at night

Want to know what it’s like to live and work in Nashville, Tennessee? Our new blog series, WEX Worldwide, goes straight to the source, asking our teams around the world why they love their location—and why you will, too. This week, we headed stateside to Nashville, a friendly, mid-sized “it” city that serves as the… Read more »

Road Trip! All the Places Our WEX Sabbaticals Took Us

"Sabbatical Stories: Journeys Revisited" across a hand holding a compass

Should you need some summer vacation destination inspiration, look no further than the travel diaries (aka “sabbatical stories”) of the WEXers who participated in our inaugural Expedition sabbatical program. Though employees can choose to spend their four-week sabbatical any way they’d like, the large majority of Expedition participants hopped on a plane to dream destinations scattered… Read more »

Here’s Looking at You, Kids: Giving Back to Maine’s Littlest Residents

In addition to a team of us participating in July’s Tri for a Cure triathlon—read all about that here—WEX has been up to lots of good this summer. That includes sponsoring fundraising events we’re passionate about, contributing brainpower and resources to educational programs and getting active for a good cause. This month’s philanthropy roundup is… Read more »

Sabbatical Stories: Florida, Hawaii and Home Again

"Sabbatical Stories: Trading Snow for Sunshine" across a person holding a compass.

The word “sabbatical” has its origins in “sabbath,” a day of abstinence from work. Its official definition: “a break or change from a normal routine; a time of rest.” In the case of Senior Systems Engineer Julie London, a WEX employee for 19 years, she broke from her normal routine by hopping a plane to… Read more »

One Year, 14 WEX Tech Talks and All the Free Pizza You Can Eat

Tech Talk 1st Anniversary

One year ago, we held our first WEX Tech Talk. Since then, we’ve hosted 13 more—and WEXers continue to leave inspired. Described as “show and tell for adults,” the talks allow employees to hear from fellow team members about a tool they’ve built, an application they’re using, a project they’ve been working on or a… Read more »

Meet a (Returning) WEXer: Four of Our Favorite Interns Are Back!

"Meet a Returning Intern" written next to a backpack and pair of shoes.

Four of our superstar interns this summer also participated in our inaugural intern program last year. What brought Adrian, Brent, John and Simone to WEX again? And now that we’re halfway through summer, how do they feel about the decision to boomerang back? We’ll let them tell you for themselves. What brought you back to… Read more »

WEX Worldwide: What’s to Love About Life Down Under

WEX Worldwide: Australia written over Melbourne's skyline

Want to know what it’s like to live and work in Melbourne, Australia? Our newest blog series, WEX Worldwide, goes straight to the source, asking our international employees why they love our locations—and why you will, too. Following our profile on our payment solutions comrades in London, we’re heading across the Indian Ocean to catch… Read more »

It’s Summertime, and the Caring Is Easy

At WEX, philanthropy is a year-round endeavor, and we don’t slow down for summer. Globally, we celebrated our first-ever “Month of Caring” in May. When we acquired EFS a few years ago, we admired the “Volunteer Week” initiative they had in place. We wanted to expand it into something even bigger and better, and that… Read more »