Vehicle Parts Inventory: Identifying Systemic Problems and IT Solutions

Vehicle Parts Inventory

  Most fleet managers understand the value of an efficient, integrated vehicle parts inventory system. Nevertheless, improving parts inventory—the foundation of any parts management system—is often given a lower priority than other vehicle maintenance operations due to the perceived tediousness of the task.   The irony is that this tedious job “offers the fastest return… Read more »

Shiny Happy Fleets

Series of yellow cargo vans

Two things happen in warmer weather. People spend a lot more time outside and on the road, and businesses like pool cleaners, landscapers and pest control are in heavy demand. So it only makes sense that those types of companies should take advantage of having all those potential new customers walking and driving by their… Read more »

Tips for Picking the Right Fleet Vehicle For Your Needs

Fleet of Trucks

One of the most effective ways to make your fleet more efficient is to replace an old, gas-guzzling vehicle with a more efficient replacement. A new vehicle can also help make your fleet less vulnerable to theft and improve driver safety. However, the task of choosing a few fleet vehicle can be a logistical chore,… Read more »

Webinar: How to Make Big Data Practical for your Fleet

Man looking at big data on phone

Big Data isn’t scary—it’s just information that can help you manage your fleet. In this free webinar, “How to Make Big Data Practical for your Fleet,” WEX experts will de-mystify big data and teach you how to apply it to keep your business on the cutting edge. Panelists include: Bernie Kavanagh, Senior Vice President and… Read more »

WEX Launches ClearView Advanced at NAFA 2017

Graphic of Clearview data

We’re excited to announce the launch of the ClearView Advanced platform at the NAFA 2017 Institute and Expo. ClearView Essentials was originally unveiled in November 2015, bringing to market an innovative fleet analytics and benchmarking platform that analyzed fuel and vehicle data. Combining this data with proprietary algorithms generated insights and helped save fleets time and money…. Read more »

Tips for Enforcing Proper Fuel Card Usage and Preventing Employee Theft

Silver WEX card

Research conducted by the University of Cincinnati reveals that of the 64 percent of businesses that reported instances of employee theft, only 16 percent of those companies reported the crime to authorities. There are several reasons that companies choose not to seek justice from a problem employee. For example, Fox Business reports that many attorneys… Read more »

Alternative Fuels – Still in the Picture?

Alternate fuels: Pump for biofuel

Ten years ago, biodiesel seemed like the next big thing for fleets. Four years ago, natural gas took its place, with a number of truckstop chains making the investment in installing LNG or CNG pumps. And while it never seemed to have quite the public relations push of other alternative energy solutions, propane autogas made… Read more »

Back to School Zones

Children in school zone

The end of summer brings the reactivation of school zones, those bustling intersections filled with students in the morning and mid-afternoon. This is their space, and drivers know that they must slow down, follow the speed limit, be alert to children dashing into the street. But it’s wise to take additional precautions to keep everybody… Read more »

White Paper – Owner-Operators: Trucking Is Their Business

The work of a truck owner-operator is all encompassing. In addition to driving they take on all the responsibilities associated with running a business. They must keep the truck running, keep customers happy, negotiate with outside vendors, keep accurate books and handle all problems that come their way. It’s a tough job, but to many… Read more »

Three Ways to Take Advantage of Low Fuel Prices

Low fuel prices can help save on maintenance

If today’s low fuel prices are making a significant positive impact on your fleet’s balance sheet, it could be a good time to plan for the future. Take that unexpected profit and make it work long past the inevitable price increase down the road. Here are a few ideas: Make those updates and repairs –… Read more »