Tips for Picking the Right Fleet Vehicle For Your Needs

Fleet of Trucks

One of the most effective ways to make your fleet more efficient is to replace an old, gas-guzzling vehicle with a more efficient replacement. A new vehicle can also help make your fleet less vulnerable to theft and improve driver safety. However, the task of choosing a few fleet vehicle can be a logistical chore,… Read more »

Fleets, Data and the Need for Security

Red and blue security locks

By now, news stories about cyber attacks and identity theft have given most people a sense of the need to protect information. Mostly they think of credit cards, bank accounts and social security numbers, and are careful about giving out that information. But a recent article in Fleet Solutions, the magazine of National Association of… Read more »

Don’t Let Summer Traffic Cost Your Business

Traffic congestion in summer

Bad traffic is not merely a frustrating experience for drivers. The American Highway Users Alliance points out that it also affects U.S. economic competitiveness. The group estimates that $39 billion in wasted time could be saved in the span of 20 years if the country’s 30 worst bottlenecked traffic areas were fixed. During summer, the… Read more »

Stay Hydrated the Healthy Way

Keeping cool and staying hydrated are important in the summertime, but before you reach for your next beverage, you may want to think about what you drink. People who consume sugary and high-calorie drinks may be putting their health at risk. Most people try to reduce their calorie intake by focusing on food, but another way… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Fleet for a Natural Disaster

Tornado and Lightning

It is impossible to prevent a natural disaster. However, a fleet manager can prepare for one, and having the right steps in place ahead of time will help mitigate the damage and reduce associated costs. So then, what can your business do to prepare before the next natural disaster? For starters, you can develop a… Read more »

Technology Allows Fleet Managers to Better Evaluate New Hires

Fiber Optics

Turnover for the transportation industry is quite high. The American Trucking Association reported that even among smaller commercial fleets the turnover rate hangs around 80 percent, according to Supply Chain Digest. Fleet managers can combat this issue by improving their hiring evaluation process and the latest fleet applications can help this process run as smoothly… Read more »

4 Factors to Consider Before Hiring Part-Time Fleet Drivers

Fleet Driver

You may be somewhat biased, but as a fleet owner, you know that driving professionally is one of the best jobs to have, seeing as how it’s well paid, stable and its workers are in high demand. As it turns out, job research and listing companies largely agree. In a recent report from CareerCast that… Read more »

Four Tips for Creating a Mentorship Program in Your Fleet

Fleet Drivers

When building a sense of community within your vehicle fleet, it’s important to have experienced and knowledgeable drivers who can help guide the next generation. Developing a mentorship program has the potential to maintain your status as an industry leader. Effective mentoring programs can increase driver productivity and engagement, improve driver retention and aid in… Read more »

Discover Clearview and Capture Detailed Vehicle Data Faster

WEX ClearView

Analysis, visual information, and actionable insights save time, reduce manual calculations and inform cost-saving policies Today we announced the launch of WEX Fleet ClearView, a proprietary fleet analytics and benchmarking platform that combines fuel and vehicle data with proprietary analytics to create insights that save fleets time and money. ClearView is an intuitive cloud-based platform… Read more »