Recovering from Hurricane Florence: The Resources that Fleet Managers Need

Hurricane Florence Fleet Managers

Over the weekend, Hurricane Florence unleashed devastation on the Carolinas. Though the storm has now been downgraded to a Tropical Depression, hazardous conditions will continue to affect the area for several days. As Fleet Managers begin to assess the situation, here are updates on post-hurricane conditions.   As of Monday morning, almost a half million… Read more »

Hurricane Florence: The Latest on the Storm

Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina as a major Category 1 storm Friday, battering coastal communities with damaging winds, heavy rain, and storm surge. As Florence slowly moves inland, life-threatening flash flooding and prolonged significant river flooding are likely, according to the National Weather Service. With the effects of Florence expected to be felt… Read more »

How to Survive Pothole Season

After a sometimes brutal winter, spring’s warmer weather comes as welcome relief — except for what it does to the road. April is prime pothole season, and every vehicle on the road is a potential victim. While a pothole can form at any time of the year, they really “spring up” after winter. The wear… Read more »

Shiny Happy Fleets

Series of yellow cargo vans

Two things happen in warmer weather. People spend a lot more time outside and on the road, and businesses like pool cleaners, landscapers and pest control are in heavy demand. So it only makes sense that those types of companies should take advantage of having all those potential new customers walking and driving by their… Read more »

How to Stress the Importance of Parking Lot Safety for Drivers

Parking Lot

Fleet managers know that parking lots are full of dangers for vehicles. Unfortunately, your drivers can be quick to forget that potential maintenance problems are lurking between the white lines. This negligence is a big part of why so many auto collisions occur in parking lots. According to a study performed by the Insurance Institute… Read more »

National Truck Driver Appreciation 2017

Truck driver standing with his two daughters

It’s a tough job, and it seems that most people just don’t understand the pressures, overabundance of regulations, time away from home and daily frustrations that truckers endure. But plenty of others do — and are thankful for the nation’s truck drivers every day of the week. Happy National Truck Driver Appreciation Week to truckers… Read more »

What’s on the Horizon for ELDs?

Photo of a semi truck, on the road.

A recent survey revealed that 38 percent of small carriers have not begun to use ELDs in their vehicles, and 33 percent do not have ELDs fully integrated into their fleets. With the December 2017 deadline looming, some carriers are still hesitant, with lots of questions and concerns. Maybe the mandate will go away Reasoning: The… Read more »

Tips for Picking the Right Fleet Vehicle For Your Needs

Fleet of Trucks

One of the most effective ways to make your fleet more efficient is to replace an old, gas-guzzling vehicle with a more efficient replacement. A new vehicle can also help make your fleet less vulnerable to theft and improve driver safety. However, the task of choosing a few fleet vehicle can be a logistical chore,… Read more »

Webinar: How to Make Big Data Practical for your Fleet

Man looking at big data on phone

Big Data isn’t scary—it’s just information that can help you manage your fleet. In this free webinar, “How to Make Big Data Practical for your Fleet,” WEX experts will de-mystify big data and teach you how to apply it to keep your business on the cutting edge. Panelists include: Bernie Kavanagh, Senior Vice President and… Read more »