3 Rules for Success Too Many Owner-Operators Ignore

No matter how many years a trucker has spent behind the wheel, the transition from company driver to owner-operator includes a long, wide learning curve. Driving a truck is just one part of the overall job of running a profitable business. A successful owner-operator must be a savvy negotiator, have a solid knowledge of bookkeeping,… Read more »

Improve Fleet Performance by Focusing on Truck Driver Training

Truck Driver Training

A study performed by Performance Innovation Transport demonstrated that driver training has a measurable impact on employee performance. Over 30 percent of drivers who participated in the study saw improved anticipation and performed more consistent shifting. A good deal of drivers saw declines in their hard braking and excessive acceleration as well. Improved performance makes… Read more »

Technology Allows Fleet Managers to Better Evaluate New Hires

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Turnover for the transportation industry is quite high. The American Trucking Association reported that even among smaller commercial fleets the turnover rate hangs around 80 percent, according to Supply Chain Digest. Fleet managers can combat this issue by improving their hiring evaluation process and the latest fleet applications can help this process run as smoothly… Read more »

Five Tips for Handling Your Customer Complaints


Even the most successful business will sometimes have customer complaints and customer service issues. One of your greatest challenges is to deal with angry customers who have complaints about your products or services. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small startup, you can address these issues with confidence if you keep the following… Read more »

Four Tips for Creating a Mentorship Program in Your Fleet

Fleet Drivers

When building a sense of community within your vehicle fleet, it’s important to have experienced and knowledgeable drivers who can help guide the next generation. Developing a mentorship program has the potential to maintain your status as an industry leader. Effective mentoring programs can increase driver productivity and engagement, improve driver retention and aid in… Read more »

Great Communication Leads to Better Fleet Driver Performance


Fleet managers are always searching for new ways to make the most of their resources. Drivers are often overlooked in this process, but investing extra time toward driver care and communication can actually help a company get the most from their personnel. Establishing an open line of communication with drivers can be difficult, but the… Read more »

4 Questions That Need to be Asked When Hiring for Your Fleet

Fleet Manager Graphic

The job of a fleet manager can be complicated. It only becomes more challenging when the responsibility of fleet staffing, or hiring new employees – like drivers – is included. If this is the case for you, it means that interviews will be in your future. You’ll have to sit down with any number of… Read more »

3 Simple Steps For Improving Fleet Efficiency

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Efficient, adaptable and effective – these are three characteristics that define successful businesses. As a fleet manager, your own operations could see a boost if you focus on bringing these traits into the forefront. Why is this the case? For starters, a more efficient company will be able to streamline expenses and find new ways… Read more »

3 Painless Ways to Coach Your Fleet to Success

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Being a business leader can mean a lot of different things. As a fleet manager you naturally want to find ways to inspire success out of your team. In today’s day and age, more companies are learning the value of “coaching,” or not just delegating, but also training and teaching your staff. In order to… Read more »