Recovering from Hurricane Florence: The Resources that Fleet Managers Need

Hurricane Florence Fleet Managers

Over the weekend, Hurricane Florence unleashed devastation on the Carolinas. Though the storm has now been downgraded to a Tropical Depression, hazardous conditions will continue to affect the area for several days. As Fleet Managers begin to assess the situation, here are updates on post-hurricane conditions.   As of Monday morning, almost a half million… Read more »

Hurricane Florence: The Latest on the Storm

Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina as a major Category 1 storm Friday, battering coastal communities with damaging winds, heavy rain, and storm surge. As Florence slowly moves inland, life-threatening flash flooding and prolonged significant river flooding are likely, according to the National Weather Service. With the effects of Florence expected to be felt… Read more »

Fuel Prices Major Concern for Fleet Managers After Harvey

Storm Harvey and an oil refinery

As the waters from Harvey recede, managers of fleets of all sizes have begun assessing the impact on their operations. Among chief concerns: replacing damaged vehicles, loss of capacity, and unknown damage to transportation infrastructure. The most immediate impact: dealing with retail fuel price shocks. Nationally, gas prices spiked 7 cents overnight Thursday and are… Read more »

Tropical Storm Harvey: Storm Updates

Storm Harvey and Houston bridge

As news continues to come out of Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas, it is clear that Tropical Storm Harvey is a catastrophic event impacting the region. Based on forecasts, rain is expected to continue for a number of days and has already caused historic floods in the region. Among the many challenges facing residents… Read more »

Hurricane Matthew: The Latest on the Storm

Based on forecasts, Hurricane Matthew will impact parts of eastern Florida and other parts of the Southeast coast starting Thursday, Oct. 6, and continuing through the weekend. Areas of Florida will be severely impacted as well as portions of Georgia and the Carolinas. Major effects include damaging winds, storm surge coastal flooding, battering waves and… Read more »