Tips for Picking the Right Fleet Vehicle For Your Needs

Fleet of Trucks

One of the most effective ways to make your fleet more efficient is to replace an old, gas-guzzling vehicle with a more efficient replacement. A new vehicle can also help make your fleet less vulnerable to theft and improve driver safety. However, the task of choosing a few fleet vehicle can be a logistical chore,… Read more »

Tips for Enforcing Proper Fuel Card Usage and Preventing Employee Theft

Silver WEX card

Research conducted by the University of Cincinnati reveals that of the 64 percent of businesses that reported instances of employee theft, only 16 percent of those companies reported the crime to authorities. There are several reasons that companies choose not to seek justice from a problem employee. For example, Fox Business reports that many attorneys… Read more »

Twin Pines Seeks ‘On-Demand’ Tech for Blue-Collar Service Fleet

Written by Aaron Huff for Commercial Carriers Journal. Companies in service industries like transportation, construction, and building maintenance, see the writing on the wall. Customers want to get quotes and order services through mobile apps. A homeowner, for instance, may want to order snow removal or an electrical and plumbing repair, on demand, from a… Read more »

August WEX Fuel Index

August fuel graph

September started with the lowest Labor Day retail fuel prices since 2004, and with the summer driving season in the rearview mirror, prices are more than likely heading lower. The market did get its first taste of tropical activity in late August/early September when Hurricane Hermine moved through Florida before making its way up the… Read more »

Don’t Let Summer Traffic Cost Your Business

Traffic congestion in summer

Bad traffic is not merely a frustrating experience for drivers. The American Highway Users Alliance points out that it also affects U.S. economic competitiveness. The group estimates that $39 billion in wasted time could be saved in the span of 20 years if the country’s 30 worst bottlenecked traffic areas were fixed. During summer, the… Read more »

Business Advantages of Green Trucking

Protecting the environment and reducing energy consumption long ago moved from special interest to mainstream concern. The trucking industry has seen numerous regulations that led to a drastic reduction in emissions on trucks. When diesel prices were reaching ever higher levels, fuel economy was wholeheartedly embraced. Circumstances forced the industry to make those changes, but… Read more »

3 Ways Factoring Can Help with Driver Retention

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As the trucking industry continues to see growing economic demand, many companies are seeking more cost-effective ways to do business. Drivers are at the backbone of your daily operations, and it’s important to keep them satisfied and loyal to your business. The truck driver shortage is an area of concern for many companies, especially small-… Read more »

The Truck Driver Shortage: A Real Workforce Concern

Two truckers smiling

Once again, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) included the truck driver shortage as one of the industry’s top concerns. It was there in 2010. It was there in the very first ATRI critical issues survey in 2005. The one year the issue didn’t make it into the Top Ten was 2009, and that was… Read more »