The Meaning of July 4

On July 4, 1776, a collection of British colonies came together and unanimously declared their new status as the thirteen United States of America in The Declaration of Independence. This is the document that we celebrate and honor each year. The full Declaration is a fiery insistence on freedom from tyranny, based on this core… Read more »

The Sweet Connection Between Kids and Their Trash Collectors

Trash collectors on street

For adults, dragging the trash cans out to the curb is one more household chore they need to remember each week. But a lot of kids look forward to trash day and that moment when the amazing garbage-eating truck stops in front of the house. The driver and collectors become their friends, or even their… Read more »

WEX Launches Fleet SmartHub Mobile App


Boosts productivity and benefits bottom line by providing on-the-go bill pay and other payments tools Today we announced the launch of Fleet SmartHub. This mobile app gives business managers access to their account information anytime and anywhere, which helps them improve efficiencies, reduce late fees, gain valuable insights and control unauthorized driver spending. The first-of-its-kind… Read more »

Introducing the 2015 Sunoco® Free Fuel 5000 Sweepstakes Winners

Sunoco Logo

Our partner Sunoco is excited to announce the winners of the 2015 Sunoco® Free Fuel 5000 Sweepstakes. The promotion ran through the summer of 2015. Drivers were entered into the sweepstakes every time they purchased fuel at a Sunoco station using their Sunoco SunTrak® or Sunoco Universal Fleet Card. Additionally, during the contest period, by placing… Read more »

Check Out These Stories of Compassion on the Road

Fleet Manager Graphic

After lots of hours on the road, even the cheeriest driver can start growling about the selfish and inconsiderate folks who seem to be taking over the highways. But while the texters, the weavers and the tailgaters create frustration, they are outnumbered by the polite and helpful. A few significant reminders from the past month… Read more »

Using Telematics to Identify and Prevent Time Theft

Vehicle GPS

For the past few years, fleets have looked at telematics as a tool to reduce fuel consumption, using it to modify bad driving habits or catch wastefulness and time theft. There’s no question that employing that information results in better fuel economy. But in a recent survey of fleets by Bobit Business Media, fuel savings… Read more »

Tips for Introducing a Fuel Card Program to Your Employees

WEX Fleet Card Swipe

Fleet managers can improve fuel efficiency and reduce driver down time by implementing a fuel card program. Though the concept of a fleet fuel card is simple, drivers and fleet managers will experience a learning curve as a company integrates the cost-cutting tool into the daily workflow. The following strategies can help managers to make… Read more »