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Accounts payable (AP) automation reduces invoice processing costs from $23 to $4 per invoice and reduces processing time by up to 30 days, according to Aberdeen Group.

Let WEX and SAP® Concur can take your business beyond AP automation. WEX Integrated Payables combined with Concur® Invoice provides greater value through cost savings, enhanced cash flow and improved supplier relationships.

Concur Invoice helps you capture, process, approve and automatically pay invoices on time with access to reports and dashboards to track spending and cash flow. Combined with WEX Integrated Payables you are able to automate invoice payments, remittance delivery and the reconciliation process.

Our Integrated Payables platform enhances your procure-to-pay process and helps you make the ‘Perfect Payment’ every time – one that is paid on time and electronically with the greatest discounts available.

Use our calculator tool to find out how your business can benefit from AP automation with WEX and SAP Concur:

  • Make the perfect payment every time, uncovering hidden value and cost savings
  • Reduce manual work in AP, saving time and increasing accuracy
  • Enhance reporting and optimize cash flow
  • Strengthen supplier relationships

Find out what you can save with WEX and SAP® Concur

Calculate Your Annual Net Benefit