User Experience and Electronic Payment Platforms

Electronic Payments Require a Seamless UX The advent of the internet highlighted many things for business. It was a billboard for information, it was a tool for selling, it was a way to send an electronic payment or message and it was a way to see more of the world outside of our own offices… Read more »

The Future for Mobile Wallets and B2B Corporate Payment Systems

mobile wallets future

On-Demand Culture is on the Rise, and Corporate Payment Services Are Taking Notice It is not news that we are using our mobile phones for much more than making a call.. We use our mobile devices as a camera, a navigation system, an encyclopedia,even a flashlight. As they say – whatever you need, there’s an… Read more »

Big Data Informing Better B2B Payment Solutions

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How Data is Influencing Smarter Integrated Payables Data collection seems to be in the news almost daily, and unfortunately, some has been seen as  negative. The truth is that big data is actually providing business around the globe visibility and insight, the likes of which a global economy has never before witnessed. This is particularly… Read more »

Top 5 Ways To Cut Cost While Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Top 5 Ways To Cut Cost While Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Digital Strategies For Enhancing Operational Efficiency Many companies would say that the best ways to cut costs in business is to focus on improving operational efficiency and reducing spending in the following areas: Office space Staff costs Out of pocket expenses Supply costs Advertising costs While it is true that these areas contribute to a… Read more »