The Business Case for Accounts Payable Automation

While many corporations have adopted some form of automation to remain competitive in their respective industries, some are still reluctant to consider accounts payable automation a strategic priority. Failure to examine the potential benefits of accounts payable automation is a costly mistake, which should be avoided. Here, is a quick look at the significant rewards… Read more »

New AFP Report Reveals Top Benefits of Electronic Payments

improved cash forecasting

The recent release of the 2016 AFP Electronic Payments Survey Report from the Association of Financial Professionals reveals several enlightening trends concerning electronic payments use and acceptance in corporate payments transactions. The report covers survey results on faster payments initiatives, continued use of checks for disbursements and collections, top B2B payment methods, cross-border payments, mobile… Read more »

Commercial Cards vs. ACH Transactions

best options for corporate e-payments

As more and more businesses move away from paper checks, two primary forms of e-payments are prevalent today — ACH transactions and commercial card purchases (including P-cards and virtual cards). Which option is right for you?

7 Pros and Cons of Corporate e-Payment Options

virtual card number

Corporate e-payments can be made in a variety of ways. Traditionally, checks have been the most common method. Now businesses are increasingly moving to adopt more electronic payment methods, such as Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, wire transfers or commercial card payments. Each of these four options — checks, ACH transactions, wire transfers and commercial… Read more »

Key Performance Indicators for AP Processes

accounts payable KPI

How do you measure your accounts payable performance? More businesses are shifting to an automated AP solution. And, consequently, more businesses than ever before are making payments electronically, and for good reason — payment automation allows companies to reduce their transaction costs while also allowing them to better track their performance. With payment automation technology,… Read more »