Integrated Payables Harnessing The Power Of Mobile Wallets

Integrated Payables Harnessing The Power Of Mobile Wallets

At a time where the US economy is performing well, two behemoth Seattle-based companies see the climate as ripe for new integrated payables through new payment technology, and have opened stores where money never changes hands. Both Amazon and Starbucks launched their own versions of the store that is absent of a human cashier, requiring… Read more »

Payment Networks And Virtual Payment Solutions Are Just the Beginning

Payment networks and virtual payment solutions are just the beginning

Phones, tablets, personal assistants, robots and even drones might be what we think of most when considering innovation. These technologies are helping us to manage our everyday lives, as well as innovating business practices. Mobile wallet applications, virtual cards and cryptocurrency are changing the way payment networks are being managed, and terms that we would… Read more »

New AFP Report Reveals Top Benefits of Electronic Payments

improved cash forecasting

The recent release of the 2016 AFP Electronic Payments Survey Report from the Association of Financial Professionals reveals several enlightening trends concerning electronic payments use and acceptance in corporate payments transactions. The report covers survey results on faster payments initiatives, continued use of checks for disbursements and collections, top B2B payment methods, cross-border payments, mobile… Read more »

Virtual Card Payments 101

what are virtual cards

“Virtual” is quite a buzzword today. We have access to virtual realities, virtual games, virtual assistants, virtual shoppers, virtual tours — virtually anything you can think of. And what do all of these virtual offerings have in common? Generally speaking, they are all computer-generated simulations or digital representations of actual, tangible things. In the corporate… Read more »

Buyer-Initiated Payments: To BIP or Not to BIP


Sometimes referred to as “push payments,” buyer-initiated payments (BIP) did not exist until the specific requirements of a buyer’s payables obligation eventually crossed paths with the advent of virtual Point-of-Sale devices. BIP, which is a type of commercial card transaction, differs from conventional card processing in one huge, meaningful way:

Push Pay vs. Pull Pay in Corporate Payments

buyer-initiated payments

You’re probably familiar with the more traditional method of B2B card payments, which follows the pull pay model. Pull pay generally follows this process: you receive an invoice from your supplier, you approve the invoice and share your card number with the supplier, the supplier processes the transaction, and then you reconcile the payment amount… Read more »

Delivering Virtual Card Solutions Before They Were Cool

single-use virtual cards

Virtual card solutions are in demand. Now more than ever, virtual cards are a powerful way to pay your suppliers electronically instead of using paper checks or plastic cards. And virtual card numbers have the capabilities and core processes of a physical card, but with additional security, controls and features that allow payments to be… Read more »