Top 5 Ways To Cut Cost While Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Top 5 Ways To Cut Cost While Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Digital Strategies For Enhancing Operational Efficiency Many companies would say that the best ways to cut costs in business is to focus on improving operational efficiency and reducing spending in the following areas: Office space Staff costs Out of pocket expenses Supply costs Advertising costs While it is true that these areas contribute to a… Read more »

Tokenization 101: Understanding the Basics

tokenization basics

For companies that accept credit and debit card payments, a breach of confidential customer data is among the most serious risks they face. Failure to protect data leads to financial costs, customer defections and loss of reputation—all of which affect bottom line and public perception. To protect card data, merchants might encrypt it, or they… Read more »

It Costs How Much to Stay PCI-Compliant?

PCI compliant

Cost is a big reason companies—especially small- to mid-sized ones—fail to stay compliant with the 12 components of the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Costs vary greatly, depending mostly on the size of the company in question. Larger companies will most often have higher compliance costs; however, even small companies can find… Read more »

Level 3 Credit Card Processing Explained

Level 3 processing

Credit card transactions are complex processes that go far beyond the physical swiping of a card. One important aspect of each card transaction is the manner by which it is processed, and how much data is needed for the transaction to go through. Credit card processing methods fit into three levels: Level 1, Level 2… Read more »

10 Accounts Receivable Best Practices

accounts receivable

In a perfect world of B2B payments, your invoice would be paid in advance of the service you’re providing. But the reality is that business typically runs on credit. That’s why having an organized accounts receivable (A/R) system is essential for the success of your business. Having strong A/R practices may not only improve communication… Read more »