Top 5 Ways To Cut Cost While Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Top 5 Ways To Cut Cost While Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Digital Strategies For Enhancing Operational Efficiency Many companies would say that the best ways to cut costs in business is to focus on improving operational efficiency and reducing spending in the following areas: Office space Staff costs Out of pocket expenses Supply costs Advertising costs While it is true that these areas contribute to a… Read more »

Integrated Payables Harnessing The Power Of Mobile Wallets

Integrated Payables Harnessing The Power Of Mobile Wallets

At a time where the US economy is performing well, two behemoth Seattle-based companies see the climate as ripe for new integrated payables through new payment technology, and have opened stores where money never changes hands. Both Amazon and Starbucks launched their own versions of the store that is absent of a human cashier, requiring… Read more »

Commercial Cards vs. ACH Transactions

best options for corporate e-payments

As more and more businesses move away from paper checks, two primary forms of e-payments are prevalent today — ACH transactions and commercial card purchases (including P-cards and virtual cards). Which option is right for you?

Accepting P-cards for Payment: More Defined and More Refined

p-cards payment image

As more businesses adopt purchase cards (P-cards) as an option through which to pay their supply chain vendors, more sellers are turning to card acceptance services providers for solutions that are both administratively compatible and financially efficient. These seller organizations are demanding a higher quality of conversation regarding the specialized nature of P-card acceptance—and more… Read more »

The Benefits of Using Purchasing Cards in Accounts Payable

Thinking about starting or expanding the use of purchasing cards in your organization? Consider the benefits of using purchasing cards. For example, with P-cards, you can reduce the time and cost of paying for a variety of business purchases, and you can also significantly streamline the procurement process by reducing purchase orders and paper checks…. Read more »

The History of PCI Compliance

PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, specifically PCI DSS (data security standard), is a requirement for merchants that operate a credit card processing environment. This requirement usually surprises new merchants as they prepare to take payments from customers. Seasoned business owners who take credit cards for rendered services and products know that staying on the good… Read more »