Payment Networks And Virtual Payment Solutions Are Just the Beginning

Payment networks and virtual payment solutions are just the beginning

Phones, tablets, personal assistants, robots and even drones might be what we think of most when considering innovation. These technologies are helping us to manage our everyday lives, as well as innovating business practices. Mobile wallet applications, virtual cards and cryptocurrency are changing the way payment networks are being managed, and terms that we would… Read more »

Identity Theft in Business

identity theft business

ERP Systems For Consumer Security Many organizations rely on Electronic Resource Planning (ERP) and robust payment networks and systems to help them circumvent identity theft and consumer credit fraud. These ERP systems integrate different areas within the operations to better manage security by providing transparency and control. ERP solutions collect and manage information and activity across planning,… Read more »

Are Peer-to-Peer Payments the Future of E-commerce Payment Solutions?

Categorized Electronic Payments Multitudes of Americans and other global citizens who have spent little or no time exploring the world of B2B e-commerce payment solutions might ask the title question.  According to a just-released report from the MIT Sloan Management Review, 60 percent of digitally maturing companies report that embracing digital technology is core to their… Read more »

Virtual Card Payments 101

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“Virtual” is quite a buzzword today. We have access to virtual realities, virtual games, virtual assistants, virtual shoppers, virtual tours — virtually anything you can think of. And what do all of these virtual offerings have in common? Generally speaking, they are all computer-generated simulations or digital representations of actual, tangible things. In the corporate… Read more »

Tokenization: Critical Security Technology for Apple Pay and Other Mobile Payments

tokenization mobile pay

There’s a lot of excitement about the latest generation of mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. Expectations are high that these new wallets will gain broad acceptance where their predecessors did not. Why? Well, for one thing, there’s a very strong set of security technologies underpinning these solutions. Consumers can feel… Read more »

How Virtual Cards Complement the ACA EFT Mandate

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In the complex world of insurance claims payments, insurers and third-party administrators across the U.S. are seeking new ways to gain efficiencies and savings in their processes. Healthcare reimbursement costs are rising, while insurance premiums are under downward pressure from highly competitive marketplace exchanges and high deductible health plans. And just like there is no… Read more »