Integrated Payables Harnessing The Power Of Mobile Wallets

Integrated Payables Harnessing The Power Of Mobile Wallets

At a time where the US economy is performing well, two behemoth Seattle-based companies see the climate as ripe for new integrated payables through new payment technology, and have opened stores where money never changes hands. Both Amazon and Starbucks launched their own versions of the store that is absent of a human cashier, requiring… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Future of Payment Optimization

AI Robotic Arm

WEX Looks to the Future of Payment Optimization with Artificial Intelligence By definition, artificial intelligence (AI) is any device that can mimic cognitive functions like that of a human mind in order to accomplish a task with success. In other words, AI is a machine that can problem solve to achieve an end goal. Marvin… Read more »

Payment Networks And Virtual Payment Solutions Are Just the Beginning

Payment networks and virtual payment solutions are just the beginning

Phones, tablets, personal assistants, robots and even drones might be what we think of most when considering innovation. These technologies are helping us to manage our everyday lives, as well as innovating business practices. Mobile wallet applications, virtual cards and cryptocurrency are changing the way payment networks are being managed, and terms that we would… Read more »

Is Compliance Built Into Your Electronic Payments and ERP Systems?

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Enterprise Resource Planning Helps Business with Compliance Electronic payments, digital currencies and virtual cards are more prevalent in business than ever. While these electronic payment systems are making work and life easier, they are not without their challenges. Corporations small and large will need to be poised to ensure compliance with usage, as well as… Read more »