Clare Murphy
About Clare Murphy

- Clare joined WEX in 2017 bringing a wealth of experience in travel with leading companies including British Airways Holidays, Air New Zealand, Travelport and Capita Travel & Events. With a background in travel technology and a particular focus on travel payments and procurement, Clare is focused on growing our business and helping our customers in the travel industry to optimise supplier payments achieving tangible business benefits.

Virtual Card Numbers Can Help Fight Travel Fraud

Hotel Front Desk

The travel industry is facing a growing fraud threat, particularly from card not present (CNP) transactions. Both consumers and businesses are at risk, but virtual card numbers can present a solution. CNP transactions – those that are processed without a card physically presented to a merchant, such as by phone or online – have become a top target for fraudsters. How bad is it? A recent… Read more »

UK Travelers In For The Long Haul

WEX Travelers

Uncertainty around the Brexit referendum led to many predictions of its impact on UK travelers. Since that historic 2016 vote, outbound travel has increased, and Travolution recently reported long-haul travel increased 50% from the UK. They note “passenger numbers to all destinations are up 6%, buoyed by increases to long-haul destinations, including the Americas, up 56%, and Asia up 50%.” Other findings Travolution shared include:… Read more »

Winning Customers Online Through Digital Transformation

Young Traveler

International travel across Europe continues to grow, and with it, the potential for growing your business. But with increased growth comes increased competition from suppliers. In order to take your piece of the remaining online market, you need to understand the data and transform your digital presence to win customers online. WEX has put together this whitepaper to show how transforming back office processes, such… Read more »

Build A Strategy For Foreign Currency Transactions

WEX Foreign Exchange

For many travel companies across the globe international supplier payments are a necessary requirement of doing business. But foreign currency transactions come with an inherent risk and potential cost implications. Factors that influence currency market movements Traditionally economic announcements – such as GDP, CPI (inflation data) and unemployment rate updates – have had the biggest impact on currency markets and exchange rates. Increasingly, however, we… Read more »

Spain Reigns But Greece Is The Word For British Travellers


Our recent whitepaper “The State of International Travel” revealed that despite the impending Brexit and ongoing security concerns, British travellers continue to enjoy foreign travel, taking almost 71 million trips in 2016, up 8% on the previous year according to the Office For National Statistics, and this growth appears to be continuing. Spain has continued to reign, enjoying a very busy 24 months, consistently named… Read more »