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Mark’s B2B payments experience across our Corporate Payments and Fleet products enables him to create win-win solutions for customers. He understands the best practices that improve daily operations and lead to savings in time and resources. Mark sees a customer’s success as his success.

How Can Travel Companies Maintain Positive Cash Flow?

Travel companies face continual pressure to maintain positive cash flow, which is necessary to be successful and continue to invest in the business. Seasonal imbalances, late customer payments, and lack of incoming revenue are all common challenges that businesses face that can impact cash flow. A recent report by Xero showed that only 52.1% of UK businesses were operating in positive cash flow this March…. Read more »

Generational Travel Differences: 4 Insights And 4 Surprises

generational travel differences

We’ve all read about the generational cohorts and the characteristics of each – from the tech-challenged baby boomers, to the self-reliant Gen Xers, to the social media savvy millennials. But are these generalizations actually true? And how can travel companies use this knowledge to their advantage? A number of recent studies have delved into the travel habits of each generation, providing useful insights and a few surprises… Read more »

Are American’s Poor Time-Off Habits Affecting Travel?


Most of us are aware that Americans are notoriously bad at taking time away from work, especially when compared with workers in European countries. In the decades leading up to the millennium, American workers averaged around 20 days of vacation days taken per year, according to data from Project: Time Off. But in 2000, a steep downward trend culminated in an all-time low of 16… Read more »

What Business Travelers Want: Freedom to Book the Way They Want

With an unusually active hurricane season, the US travel ban, and terrorist activity worldwide, 2017 was a corporate travel manager’s nightmare. But while corporate travel managers were focused on the safety of their employees and duty of care, the business travelers themselves had other priorities: freedom and affordability. A recent survey by the GBTA Foundation and Concur polled 735 business travelers in Germany, France, and… Read more »

Blurring Lines Between Full-Service And Low-Cost Carriers

Airplane on Tarmac

Delta, American and United are selling basic no-frills seats. Budget airlines are moving into major hubs and selling add-on services. What’s happening with the airline industry? In “2017 Commercial Aviation Trends” Jonathan Ketzel and Bryan Terry report, “The once clear-cut competitive landscape in the commercial airline industry continues to evolve. Low-cost carriers (LCCs) and ultra-low-cost carriers (ULCCs) are still gaining market share from the dominant… Read more »

Data Breaches at Major Hotel Chains Hit the Travel Industry

Global Cyber Security

Hardly a week goes by without a major company announcing that their customers have been impacted by a credit card breach. The travel industry is far from immune; in 2016, a number of wide-spread data breaches affected the hotel industry, resulting in thousands of customers having their credit card information stolen. As a travel company, you’re likely concerned about protecting your company and your customers… Read more »

How FX Rates Affect Travel Businesses and How to Minimize the Risks

FX rates image

Money is money, whether it’s US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Thai Baht, Swiss Francs, Norwegian Krone or another currency. But each form of money is only legal tender in certain countries, making conversions from one form to another—foreign exchange—essential to international business. The fluctuations in these exchange rates create risks that businesses need to manage. In many industries, businesses can minimize those risks by dealing… Read more »

Making Cyber Security a Priority for All Customers

Cyber Security

Traveling with technology: is there a generational rift? While most everyone hits the open road with their smartphones nowadays, not everyone is diligent as the next about the safety of their device and the personal information stored inside of it. And it appears that most of the popular travel apps on the market aren’t as safeguarded as they could—or should—be, for customers of any age…. Read more »

Holiday Season is Here: Travel Spending and Gifting on the Rise

Holiday Travel Trends

Across the world, travelers and travel companies brace for one of the busiest travel times of the year. With the average traveler expected to venture 275 miles for Christmas and 214 for Thanksgiving, the roads, rails, and air will be packed with holiday travelers. Holiday Travel in America According to the 2015 holiday survey, 71 percent of Americans are planning to take at least… Read more »