Blurring Lines Between Full-Service And Low-Cost Carriers

Airplane on Tarmac

Delta, American and United are selling basic no-frills seats. Budget airlines are moving into major hubs and selling add-on services. What’s happening with the airline industry? In “2017 Commercial Aviation Trends” Jonathan Ketzel and Bryan Terry report, “The once clear-cut competitive landscape in the commercial airline industry continues to evolve. Low-cost carriers (LCCs) and ultra-low-cost… Read more »

Low Cost Airlines Heading Long-Haul

Airplane Over Tropics

 British holidaymakers jet off to far flung destinations Since the low-cost revolution back in the late nineties and early noughties, which at one point saw more than 50 low cost airlines operating across Europe, British travellers have been jetting off to European destinations in their millions every year. However, over the past two years, the… Read more »

Low Cost Airlines Playing the Long-Haul Game

Airplane in Flight

There are currently 29 low cost airlines operating across Europe, with Ryanair, the largest in terms of passenger numbers, expected to carry a staggering 119m travelers this year. Low cost airlines (LCCs) are so popular that of the 10 largest airlines operating in Europe right now 4 are LCCs (Ryanair, easyJet, Norwegian and Air Berlin)…. Read more »

Are the World’s Busiest Airports the Best?

There are roughly 42,000 airports in the world. Over 13,500 of these are in the US, 3,100 are in the European Union, 507 in China, 161 in Costa Rica, 18 in Bangladesh and 1 in Gibraltar. This should give an idea to the scope of the landscape when drilling down to the world’s busiest airports… Read more »

Mobile Liftoff: Airline Carriers Adopt Mobile Tech to Drive Growth

mobile airlines

It comes down to opportunities: where to find them, which ones to chase and which ones follow. Airlines across the board are pursuing mobile strategies in different ways. While some lead the pack and others are taking more of a “wait and see” approach, they’re all in the game. Having a mobile strategy is practically… Read more »

Eco-Friendly Options Meet Traveler Demand for Sustainable Travel


Travel brands, listen to travelers: they want more access to sustainable travel choices. And travelers who make more eco-friendly travel choices have been shown to provide more value to the travel suppliers who serve them. Sustainable Travel International and Mandala Research partnered for the 2016 Role of Sustainability in Travel & Tourism survey, which revealed that 60%… Read more »

Airlines vs Accommodation: How Different Types of Suppliers Are Paid

different suppliers

Having the right travel supplier base is essential for travel companies as it dictates their ability to successfully win customer bookings. When looking at ways to strengthen relationships with suppliers it is important that travel companies understand the impact that different payment methods can have on suppliers. Infographic – Airlines vs Accommodation: How Different Types… Read more »

The Travel Sector’s Widening Carbon Footprint Calls for Sustainable Travel Solutions

sustainable solutions in travel

The Doomsday Clock is now the closest to midnight since the 1950s, at just 2½ minutes away. And climate change is one of the reasons. That’s scary stuff for everyone, including travel industry professionals who want to help address environmental issues in their business practices and operations. With fortuitous timing, the United Nations’ World Tourism… Read more »

Helping Hands: Robots in the Travel Industry

They’re cute. They work hard to delight customers. And they don’t require any employee benefits. The newest workers on the payroll—well, not exactly—are robots. Today’s travelers can find them on the scene, carrying luggage, providing directions, mixing drinks, and more. They’re quite literally changing the face of customer service in the travel industry. Are Travelers… Read more »

3 Ways Airlines Upgrade Business Travelers’ Long-Haul Experience

Air carriers around the globe are serving up luxury to win the business of corporate travelers. In a competitive marketplace, offering unique, value-added services is critical to both attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. So considering that business travelers spend their time primarily sitting, sleeping, working and eating (especially on long flights), airlines have… Read more »