Three Ways Hotels Use Big Data

Hotels and Big Data

Hotels know their customers in an almost intimate way: they know what their customers order and whether they spend at the bar, restaurant or on room service; how many towels they use and whether they need extra pillows and a firm mattress; who shares their bed. That level of detail may be too personal to… Read more »

How Payments Tech Tames the Data Monster (Tnooz Webinar)

Tnooz webinar

Business travel spending continues to grow, roughly 3-5% annually, solidifying itself as the second biggest expense organizations face. More Data, More Problems However, with the steady, continued growth comes more and more spend data generated from a variety of sources. Unfortunately, even with the right planning, policies and policing, keeping up with the ever-growing, increasingly… Read more »

Big Data Becomes Real for Online Travel Agents

OTA Big Data

Big Data has been a hot topic for a while. Amadeus did a study three years ago when early adopters were working on it. Now they’ve come out with an updated study which finds that the key to success with big data is experimentation, but it’s no longer for early adopters and it’s no longer… Read more »

Travel Payment Analytics and the Power of Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs)

Virtual Cards Data

Travel companies are using data in all of its various shapes and sizes to help deliver extraordinary customer experiences. But what about using data to inform administrative process decisions? Payments professionals who employ digital payment methods like virtual card numbers (VCNs) to pay their suppliers have access to richer data that helps automate and streamline… Read more »

3 Tips for Tackling Big Data in the Travel Industry

Big Data Travel Industry

Big data is big news, and business leaders are eager to unlock the potential in their data. An effective big data strategy has been shown to lead to enhanced decision support, more targeted product and service design, and any number of process and workflow efficiencies. Before travel companies can determine how they will manage the… Read more »

Big Opportunities for Big Data in the Travel Industry

Big Data Travel Industry

Big data is a lot more than big hype, especially in the travel industry, where organizations are well-poised to gain competitive ground through the large-scale analysis of operational and marketplace data. According to the Forbes Insights report, Data Driven and Digitally Savvy: The Rise of the New Marketing Organization, travel organizations lead the pack when… Read more »

Welcome to WEX Travel Payments Insights!

WEX Travel Payment Insights

Travel payments is a broad, global, and dynamic subject that deserves attention. As a worldwide leader in travel payments, WEX has many subject matter experts that will contribute to our mission of providing customers, partners, and employees with ongoing information, education, resources, and corporate news. Be sure to check back often, or register to have new… Read more »