Brits Love for Overseas Travel Not Hampered By Brexit

Crowded Beach

For more than two years, the uncertainty around Brexit has led to fears about how the referendum will impact the travel habits of the British. But even as many details still need to be worked out, one thing is starting to become clear: Brits will continue to holiday where they like. Tracy Pollitt, a representative… Read more »

The Power Of Platforms

Facebook. Amazon. Expedia. What do these companies have in common? Besides being incredibly successfully, they all offer something beyond just a product – a platform. Customers are enticed to engage with these companies in order to have an experience – whether that’s connecting with friends, finding the perfect book, or creating a travel plan… Read more »

Getting Into Each Other’s Business: Airbnb, OTAs & Hotels


Hotels and OTAs are offering short-term rentals and Airbnb is listing hotel rooms. Why? This spring, Airbnb’s managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Jeroen Merchiers, told a Skift Forum Europe audience,  “The concept of home sharing and staying in a flat instead of hotel room is something that people want. It’s not just… Read more »

Are Travelers Really Ready To Book By Voice?


“Booking by voice” is certainly a trending topic and one we included in the recent series of posts about our 2018 Travel Trends survey. The rate at which voice-activated devices are being adopted opens the door for more disruption in the travel industry. There’s considerable buzz and numerous references to booking by voice. But, what’s… Read more »

Three Reasons You Need A Better Strategy For International Payments

International Payments

Interest in international travel is higher than ever, across the globe. While that presents a huge opportunity for travel companies to expand and offer new destinations, it can also create some operational headaches. Volatile exchange rates and high fees can make international payments risky and expensive. But with the right payments strategy and the right… Read more »

More US Travelers Are On The Road Again

US Traveler

Three thousand miles coast-to-coast with forests and deserts, mountains and prairies, and small towns in between, combined with unique regional flavors and culture, equals countless possibilities for the quintessential US road trip.  More and more Americans are doing this each year. The Times recently ran a piece about the “comeback” of the US road trip,… Read more »

Authentic, Experiential… All-Inclusive?

All-inclusive vacations have come a long way from the long buffet lines and less-than-stellar accommodations of twenty years ago. The all-inclusives of today provide everything from great food to romantic getaways to family friendly fun – with the ease and convenience of having everything at one price, and usually one place. The hottest trend in… Read more »

How Could AI Transform Business Travel?

Business Traveler

In a world where Google alerts us to traffic jams and Netflix lets us know when a show we might like has been added, we’ve already come to rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to make our lives easier and more enriching. Each week sees a new advancement, as digital assistants such as Google Home and… Read more »