Tours & Activities And OTAs: Partnerships With Benefits

The flurry of recent acquisitions and investments has made it clear – the tours and activities sector is now even more attractive to OTAs. Some of the largest players, including, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Ctrip and Airbnb, have either purchased companies or expanded their tour and activities offerings. A 2017 Phocuswright report on tours and activities… Read more »

Travelers Speak Up With Chat Bots And Voice Technology

The dynamic impact of technology on travel is a topic that always seems to be relevant, and the speed at which change is happening in this space is remarkable. That’s why it’s one of the subjects WEX and Mastercard surveyed US travelers about for the recent Travel Trends 2018 report. Specific to the awareness and… Read more »

Spanish Economic Recovery Spurs Return To Travel

As Spain recovers from its long economic crisis, Spaniards are slowly but enthusiastically returning to their former travel habits. Expenditures, number of trips, and lengths of holidays are all on the rise for Spanish tourists traveling both domestically and internationally. Rebound In Domestic & International Travel Domestic tourism has always been a mainstay in the… Read more »

Vacations Less About Excess And More About Wellbeing

More and more travelers are ditching trips filled with too much food and drink for trips that allow them to maintain or restart a healthy lifestyle. In fact, Global Health and Wellness Tourism 2018 finds that “wellness tourism is growing at 12% a year.” In it’s predictions for 2018, reports, “The trend for wellness… Read more »

Accommodation Attitudes Of US Travelers Evolving

WEX and Mastercard recently partnered on a survey of US travelers, identifying attitudes and preferences across a range of travel topics. The 2018 Travel Trends Report confirmed travelers’ accommodation selections are changing, and it found some interesting differences between the generations. “The evolution of the sharing economy, particularly within accommodations, has made it possible for… Read more »

French Travel Market Set For A Rebound

French Coastline

2016 was a tough year for the French travel market; terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice, as well as slow economic growth, discouraged travelers from near and far. According to Phocuswright’s French Online Travel Overview, international arrivals were down 8% and Paris hotel nights were down 10% in 2016. Since then, however, there’s been a… Read more »

3 Ways Blockchain Has Potential to Transform Travel

Luggage Claim

Blockchain, the ledger technology that makes Bitcoin possible, has been a buzzword for years now. The potential seems limitless, but the reality is unclear. In the travel sector, blockchain has been said to be everything from the death knell of OTAs to the decade’s most overhyped trend. The 2017 Payments Pulse survey from WEX showed… Read more »

Want More Booking Than Looking? Make An Impression Early and Often

Consumer Travel Planning

Data is readily available about consumers’ travel habits by age group or geographic area. A simple Google search shows us the hottest destinations right now. But, what many of us want to better understand is: what compels someone to go from looking to booking? McKinsey & Company’s consumer decision journey came about as an alternative… Read more »

Are American’s Poor Time-Off Habits Affecting Travel?


Most of us are aware that Americans are notoriously bad at taking time away from work, especially when compared with workers in European countries. In the decades leading up to the millennium, American workers averaged around 20 days of vacation days taken per year, according to data from Project: Time Off. But in 2000, a… Read more »

Blurring Lines Between Full-Service And Low-Cost Carriers

Airplane on Tarmac

Delta, American and United are selling basic no-frills seats. Budget airlines are moving into major hubs and selling add-on services. What’s happening with the airline industry? In “2017 Commercial Aviation Trends” Jonathan Ketzel and Bryan Terry report, “The once clear-cut competitive landscape in the commercial airline industry continues to evolve. Low-cost carriers (LCCs) and ultra-low-cost… Read more »