Creative Online Programs Offer Even Deeper Hotel Discounts

There’s a new breed of online hotel deals generating considerable buzz. How do these “twists on traditional practices” work and what do they mean for hotels’ relationships with online booking sites? We’ll look at two new programs—one rewards travelers for moving quickly and the other rewards delayed decisions. Acting Fast Pays Off… Launched this summer,… Read more »

Getting Into Each Other’s Business: Airbnb, OTAs & Hotels


Hotels and OTAs are offering short-term rentals and Airbnb is listing hotel rooms. Why? This spring, Airbnb’s managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Jeroen Merchiers, told a Skift Forum Europe audience,  “The concept of home sharing and staying in a flat instead of hotel room is something that people want. It’s not just… Read more »

Travel Loyalty Programs: Looking Beyond The Points

travel loyalty programs

Major hotel brands have been aggressively pushing their travel loyalty programs over the past few years. And, at the same time, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have rolled out new or improved rewards programs. Is all this effort impacting the number of “loyal” travelers? Do these programs still matter? Brandie Wright, Phocuswright analyst, reports, “Half of… Read more »

3 Ways Hotels Benefit From Virtual Payments

Virtual Payments

Since 2000, the travel industry has been discovering the benefits of Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs). Once described as “the future of travel payments,” now the future is here. VCNs are widely used throughout the travel industry, particularly for corporate travel –  and for good reason. The benefits of virtual payments are significant for all parties involved. Hotels that make VCN acceptance a priority can… Read more »

Data Breaches at Major Hotel Chains Hit the Travel Industry

Global Cyber Security

Hardly a week goes by without a major company announcing that their customers have been impacted by a credit card breach. The travel industry is far from immune; in 2016, a number of wide-spread data breaches affected the hotel industry, resulting in thousands of customers having their credit card information stolen. As a travel company,… Read more »

A Look at Dynamic Travel Industry Finds Booking Opportunities

The primary message gleaned from several recent reports on the global travel market is one of continued growth despite ongoing challenges. But, what does that mean for individual travel companies and their ability to tap into a constantly changing marketplace? Leveraging technology and adaptability are critical to future success, especially for winning a greater share… Read more »

Eco-Friendly Options Meet Traveler Demand for Sustainable Travel


Travel brands, listen to travelers: they want more access to sustainable travel choices. And travelers who make more eco-friendly travel choices have been shown to provide more value to the travel suppliers who serve them. Sustainable Travel International and Mandala Research partnered for the 2016 Role of Sustainability in Travel & Tourism survey, which revealed that 60%… Read more »

Airlines vs Accommodation: How Different Types of Suppliers Are Paid

different suppliers

Having the right travel supplier base is essential for travel companies as it dictates their ability to successfully win customer bookings. When looking at ways to strengthen relationships with suppliers it is important that travel companies understand the impact that different payment methods can have on suppliers. Infographic – Airlines vs Accommodation: How Different Types… Read more »

The Travel Sector’s Widening Carbon Footprint Calls for Sustainable Travel Solutions

sustainable solutions in travel

The Doomsday Clock is now the closest to midnight since the 1950s, at just 2½ minutes away. And climate change is one of the reasons. That’s scary stuff for everyone, including travel industry professionals who want to help address environmental issues in their business practices and operations. With fortuitous timing, the United Nations’ World Tourism… Read more »