Tours & Activities And OTAs: Partnerships With Benefits

The flurry of recent acquisitions and investments has made it clear – the tours and activities sector is now even more attractive to OTAs. Some of the largest players, including, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Ctrip and Airbnb, have either purchased companies or expanded their tour and activities offerings. A 2017 Phocuswright report on tours and activities… Read more »

Vacations Less About Excess And More About Wellbeing

More and more travelers are ditching trips filled with too much food and drink for trips that allow them to maintain or restart a healthy lifestyle. In fact, Global Health and Wellness Tourism 2018 finds that “wellness tourism is growing at 12% a year.” In it’s predictions for 2018, reports, “The trend for wellness… Read more »

Accommodation Attitudes Of US Travelers Evolving

WEX and Mastercard recently partnered on a survey of US travelers, identifying attitudes and preferences across a range of travel topics. The 2018 Travel Trends Report confirmed travelers’ accommodation selections are changing, and it found some interesting differences between the generations. “The evolution of the sharing economy, particularly within accommodations, has made it possible for… Read more »

Extreme Weather & Changing Travel Patterns Require Flexibility

Extreme Weather

Climate and weather are key factors when deciding where to visit, what to do while you’re there, how much you’ll enjoy the trip, and sometimes, how safe you’ll be. When booking a trip, tourists plan for a destination’s general climate, but during their trip they’ll be affected by the specific weather at that time, which… Read more »

German Travel Market Continues To Grow

Germany, with its strong economy and high consumer confidence, is Europe’s largest travel market, and a number of recent surveys show that it’s likely to remain that way for the foreseeable future. Spending Strong, Destination Preferences In Flux Phocuswright’s German Online Travel Overview reports that projected travel gross bookings by Germans reached 58.8 billion Euros… Read more »

Attracting International Sports Events Can Bring Big Rewards—Now & Later

international sports events

Destinations are turning to sporting events as a way to revitalize themselves. With technology keeping us connected to these events, it’s no surprise international sports events have grown in appeal. Decades of research find that these events can impact economic growth, urban renewal and social and cultural improvements, but not all host cities’ or countries’… Read more »

Generational Travel Differences: 4 Insights And 4 Surprises

generational travel differences

We’ve all read about the generational cohorts and the characteristics of each – from the tech-challenged baby boomers, to the self-reliant Gen Xers, to the social media savvy millennials. But are these generalizations actually true? And how can travel companies use this knowledge to their advantage? A number of recent studies have delved into the travel habits… Read more »

Are American’s Poor Time-Off Habits Affecting Travel?


Most of us are aware that Americans are notoriously bad at taking time away from work, especially when compared with workers in European countries. In the decades leading up to the millennium, American workers averaged around 20 days of vacation days taken per year, according to data from Project: Time Off. But in 2000, a… Read more »

Spain Reigns But Greece Is The Word For British Travellers


Our recent whitepaper “The State of International Travel” revealed that despite the impending Brexit and ongoing security concerns, British travellers continue to enjoy foreign travel, taking almost 71 million trips in 2016, up 8% on the previous year according to the Office For National Statistics, and this growth appears to be continuing. Spain has continued… Read more »