Mobile Concierge Convenience At The Touch Of Your Fingertips

More and more people are turning to digital solutions for added assurance and convenience. Vacation and business travelers are on an existential search for tools that can lend ease to their trip planning–keeping logistics in place while not imposing on their experience–at the lowest possible cost. The hospitality industry is embracing mobile technology, prompting hotel… Read more »

A Look at Dynamic Travel Industry Finds Booking Opportunities

The primary message gleaned from several recent reports on the global travel market is one of continued growth despite ongoing challenges. But, what does that mean for individual travel companies and their ability to tap into a constantly changing marketplace? Leveraging technology and adaptability are critical to future success, especially for winning a greater share… Read more »

Mobile Liftoff: Airline Carriers Adopt Mobile Tech to Drive Growth

mobile airlines

It comes down to opportunities: where to find them, which ones to chase and which ones follow. Airlines across the board are pursuing mobile strategies in different ways. While some lead the pack and others are taking more of a “wait and see” approach, they’re all in the game. Having a mobile strategy is practically… Read more »