A Better Online Booking Experience May Be Just a Click Away – To Your Competitors’ Site…

“81.1% of visitors to travel booking websites left without completing a booking” in the first quarter of this year. Dave Cruickshank, chief executive of ATCORE Group, shared this startling statistic in a post for travolution.com. He adds, “Travel sites have the highest abandonment rates of any industry–and for over 50% of these visitors, it was problems… Read more »

Creative Online Programs Offer Even Deeper Hotel Discounts

There’s a new breed of online hotel deals generating considerable buzz. How do these “twists on traditional practices” work and what do they mean for hotels’ relationships with online booking sites? We’ll look at two new programs—one rewards travelers for moving quickly and the other rewards delayed decisions. Acting Fast Pays Off… Launched this summer,… Read more »

Virtual Card Numbers Can Help Fight Travel Fraud

Hotel Front Desk

The travel industry is facing a growing fraud threat, particularly from card not present (CNP) transactions. Both consumers and businesses are at risk, but virtual card numbers can present a solution. CNP transactions – those that are processed without a card physically presented to a merchant, such as by phone or online – have become a… Read more »

In The OTAs vs. Direct Booking Battle, The Consumer Wins

Much has been written about the so-called war between OTAs and hotels over third-party bookings vs. direct bookings. As OTA commissions have increased (along with their advertising spend and potential reach), major hotel chains are making a push to drive direct bookings. Hilton’s “Stop Clicking Around” campaign promises consumers the best experiences and lowest prices… Read more »

Travelers Speak Up With Chat Bots And Voice Technology

The dynamic impact of technology on travel is a topic that always seems to be relevant, and the speed at which change is happening in this space is remarkable. That’s why it’s one of the subjects WEX and Mastercard surveyed US travelers about for the recent Travel Trends 2018 report. Specific to the awareness and… Read more »

Online Booking Habits of US Travelers

In this second post looking in detail at the Mastercard and WEX 2018 Travel Trends report, we take a look at US travelers’ booking behavior and preferences. The survey of 1,500 American travelers ranging in age from 18 to 70, found that, typically, 67% of respondents book their travel online with 73% of Gen Z… Read more »

Do We Need Another Word For Innovative? New Tech Popping Up Across Travel

Online Travel Industry

Merriam-Webster defines innovation as “the introduction of something new; a new idea, method or device.” Are evolving technology and commonplace devices (once considered science fiction) changing the meaning to the introduction of something not simply new, but significant too? Whatever your opinion, it’s hard to ignore the ceaseless stream of information about the latest (and… Read more »

Online, Offline, Mobile: Where are US Travelers Booking?

WEX Travel

Are more US travelers booking online? Using mobile devices? It depends. Age and frequency of travel make a difference. Last year, Boomers travelled more than other age groups, and desktop/laptop bookings saw a slightly greater increase than mobile as a result. Overall, US online bookings aren’t expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the… Read more »

Three Ways Corporate Travel is Learning from Leisure Travel Technology

Corporate Travel

Corporate travel, at least until recently, has not been known for its innovative technology. While the leisure travel industry has rapidly evolved to make booking travel easy and seamless, corporate travel has lagged behind. As the travel technology gap continues to widen, the result has been that business travelers skirt the established rules and tools… Read more »

A Look at Dynamic Travel Industry Finds Booking Opportunities

The primary message gleaned from several recent reports on the global travel market is one of continued growth despite ongoing challenges. But, what does that mean for individual travel companies and their ability to tap into a constantly changing marketplace? Leveraging technology and adaptability are critical to future success, especially for winning a greater share… Read more »