Learn 5 Ways Employers Changed Open Enrollment Forever, for the Better

2020 changed open enrollment forever. An increased emphasis on social distancing meant developing an open enrollment experience that relied more on digital technology and less on in-person meetings. Printed-out collateral was often replaced by live webinars and virtual fairs. But this wasn’t a one-year transformation to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions. 

In our survey of employers following 2020 open enrollment, we learned that: 

  • 67 percent said they delivered open enrollment information differently in 2020 due to the pandemic.
  • More importantly, nearly the same percentage of employers said they were likely to do the same in future years, even when the pandemic was no longer a factor. 
  • 85 percent of employers who conducted a virtual open enrollment in 2020 plan to do so in future years.

That’s because 26 percent of employers said that, in spite of limited budgets and resources, open enrollment was better or much better than previous years. Only 12 percent said it was worse. 

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