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Apply for a fuel card online in minutes.

In just three easy steps, you can apply for a fuel card and start enjoying the benefits within days. Real perks. Really good value, with WEX Motorpass. It’s a smooth ride.

Complete your fleet card application online in just 10 minutes.

Get a response in under 7 business days.

If your fleet card application is approved, your card is sent the next business day.

Eligibility criteria

  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN) that has been trading for at least six months

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Be an office holder of the business (e.g. Director or Company Secretary or a person authorised to make the application on behalf of the organisation)

  • Intend to use the WEX Motorpass card solely for business purposes

You’ll need

  • Your ABN

  • Your driver’s license number (if you’re a sole trader or in a partnership)

  • The vehicle registration number (if the fuel card is being assigned to a specific vehicle)

  • The driver’s full name (if the fuel card is being assigned to a specific driver)

  • Your bank account or credit card details (if you want to pay by direct debit)

Please note

  • We may contact you and ask for financial information, proof of address or additional supporting documents to assess your application

Why choose WEX Motorpass

When it comes to managing your fleet and simplifying your expenses, WEX Motorpass stands out as the smart choice. With our fuel card in hand, you won’t need to worry about saving receipts and filing expense claims ever again. It’s easy to use, eliminating the need to carry cash and you can seamlessly track and report on your spending and usage, ensuring transparency and control.

But that’s not all – our card isn’t just for fuel. It’s accepted at over 6,000+ locations across Australia, covering not only fuel but also other vehicle-related expenses like servicing, buying tires and even roadside assistance. With WEX Motorpass, you have a versatile solution that simplifies your fleet management and keeps your business running smoothly.

Apply for a fuel card now to start your saving journey

Ready to simplify your fleet management and take control of your expenses? Apply for a fuel card today with WEX Motorpass and start enjoying the savings tomorrow. Our straightforward fuel card application process makes it easy for your business to start enjoying the benefits of WEX Motorpass straight away. Don’t wait – streamline your operations and save money on fuel and vehicle-related expenses. Apply for a fuel card now and experience the WEX Motorpass advantage.