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Compare fuel cards & conquer

Use our business fuel card comparison tool and take control of your fleet expenses.

Not all cards are created equal.

It's important to weigh up the benefits and compare fuel cards before deciding which route to take. We can't speak for everyone else, but we can tell you about some of the great features WEX Motorpass offers - giving you a benchmark for your fuel card comparison in Australia.

Fuel card or credit?

WEX Motorpass cards offer special features for savvy businesses. Take our top 2 for a spin before deciding on the best card for you.


Multi-branded fuel card.

Never drive out of your way again. Discover how having access to one of Australia’s widest, multi-branded networks can really work in your favour.


Put fleet cards to the test.

Use our business fuel cards comparison tool to compare WEX Motorpass with your current multi-branded fleet card (or one you’re considering).

WEX Motorpass vs Fleet Cards

The right fuel card can make all the difference

When you compare business fuel cards, considering where you typically purchase your fuel is crucial. Some providers align exclusively with specific fuel brands, impacting your choices. Whether you prefer single-brand loyalty or the freedom to shop around for the best fuel prices, a multi-brand fuel card can be a money-saving solution every time you fill up.

Exploring rewards and perks offered by fuel card providers can sweeten the deal. Loyalty programs, bonuses and incentives can make one card more appealing than another, depending on your preferences.

For many businesses, the bottom line is the key factor in their fuel card comparison in Australia. It all comes down to fees and charges, including those associated with the fuel card account and payment options. So, make sure to scrutinise these aspects to make an informed choice that benefits your bottom line.

About WEX Motorpass

WEX Motorpass covers small and medium-sized businesses, right up to larger vehicle fleets. Unlike many other fuel card providers who only allow you to go to limited service stations, WEX Motorpass gives you the freedom of choice. We’ve created one of Australia’s best multi-brand fuel cards, so wherever you go, our fuel card will likely be accepted. Here’s some of the other great benefits of a WEX Motorpass when you compare business fuel cards:

  • All your fuel-related expenses are connected to the account – no more keeping receipts for reimbursement or human errors.
  • Conveniently manage all fuel expenses and track vehicle usage with comprehensive reporting.
  • View expenses and purchases in real-time via our user-friendly app.
  • Depending on the type of fuel card or package you choose, you may have peace of mind with added fraud protection, as well as being able to charge your vehicle or fleet servicing and repair costs.

We can help with your business fuel card comparison Australia

If it feels like you’re trying to solve a puzzle comparing business fuel cards, our friendly team is available to help you untangle the options and find the perfect solution for your business. Our goal is to make your fleet management more straightforward, cost-effective and efficient, ultimately helping you save money every time you hit the pump. Reach out today and we’ll help with your business fuel cards comparison and get your fleet performing at its best.