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WEX Motorpass Driver App

Step into the future of fleet management. Navigate the future with ease using the WEX Motorpass Driver App. Experience the transformation in your pocket.

WEX Motorpass Pay at Pump

Refuel smarter, not harder. Our cutting-edge Pay at Pump technology simplifies fueling, empowers drivers, and improves fleet efficiency. 

How does the Driver App help you?

  • Real-Time Fuel Prices:
    Never pay more than you need to again. Real-time fuel prices mean you won’t be kicking yourself for not going down the road. The Driver App will show you where the best bang for your buck is in your area.
  • Advanced Route Planning:
    Goodbye guesswork. Our advanced route planning provides the right route for fleets to get from A to B in the most timely and efficient way.
  • Avoid unauthorised expenses:
    No more doubts, no more wondering. The Driver App takes care of tracking your expenses and ensures total visibility and control over what is paid for and when it happens.
  • Exclusive Discounts & Offers:
    Get notified of exclusive offers in your area. Savings on fuel, pies and coffees pop up right on your phone. What could be better?

WEX Motorpass Driver App

The perfect companion for the driver.

Skip the queue and get back to what you do best, faster. The Driver App helps you find the cheapest and closest fuel along your trip, plan the ideal route for long trips, and locate fuel deals and other offers.
Don't drive without it!

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