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Pay at Pump for Merchants

NEW Pay at Pump feature

Join the future of fueling. Motorpass Driver App’s Pay at Pump is the innovative solution you’ve been waiting for. Goodbye to long queues and frustrated customers. With Pay at Pump, fueling up is faster, easier, and more convenient for everyone.

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How does Pay at Pump help you?

  • Efficiencies in processing a WEX Motorpass transaction, plus better product controls for a seamless checkout.
  • A faster transaction, freeing up the forecourt creating space for more vehicles and spend.
  • Unlock 24/7 sales with automatic payments when site is unattended via the Pay at Pump feature.
  • Take advantage of in app offers and route planning that can drive people to your site with promotions.

How does Pay at Pump help your customers?

  • Providing the option to pay on the forecourt, for a faster transaction when they are in a hurry.
  • Motivating them to make the best pit stop through route planning, promotions and offers across fuel and in store.
  • Ensuring their WEX Motorpass card is always present on their mobile, creating a better experience to shop with.
  • In App notifications for special offers that may be available on the day.

The new feature making it even easier to Pay at Pump

Real-time fuel prices

Advanced route planning

Special fuel pricing

Customised offers

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