With crude and wholesale prices on the up yet again, the cost of fuel is set to soar.  There is significant market volatility so retailers are most likely going to keep their petrol costs high to play it safe – with Adelaide painting a very good picture of this trend. 



Current ULP average: 213.6cpl

Price range over the last week: 189.9cpl – 242.9cpl

Retailers opted to discount fuel only slightly during the past week, with petrol prices for Brisbane remaining very close to the peak cycle price from the previous week.



Current ULP average: 211.4cpl

Price range over the last week: 193.8cpl – 230.0cpl

Prices remained tight and high in Sydney this week, leaving motorists little choice in terms of shopping around for a cheaper fuel price



Current ULP average: 212.3cpl

Price range over the last week: 169.9cpl – 239.9cpl

Several retailers posted cheaper fuel prices this week, despite the average fuel cost remaining in line with the other capitals.



Current ULP average: 217.5cpl

Price range over the last week: 203.2cpl – 226.7cpl

At the moment, Adelaide holds the second-highest average fuel price out of all the capitals, with only a small amount of movement since last week’s price cycle.



Current ULP average: 195.3cpl

Price range over the last week: 187.4cpl – 227.0cpl

Another record peak in Perth’s current fuel price cycle is expected today, with the cost of unleaded petrol expected to rise into the high 220’s.



Current ULP average: 208.0cpl

Price range over the last week: 203.5cpl – 211.9cpl

Average fuel prices in Darwin are significantly lower than the other capital cities.


Current ULP average: 220.7cpl

Price range over the last week: 182.9cpl – 239.9cpl

Wholesale price movements seem to be driving retailers to try and catch up, with a large array of varied fuel prices seen across Hobart this past week.


Retail diesel prices

Current Diesel averages:

ACT – 224.1cpl

Adelaide – 221.3cpl

Brisbane – 223.3cpl

Darwin – 222.7cpl

Hobart – 230.8cpl

Melbourne – 221.1cpl

Perth – 219.5cpl

Sydney – 220.6cpl


Unfortunately for diesel motorists, crude oil and wholesale prices in Singapore are on the rise yet again, meaning the cost of diesel will continue to increase over the coming weeks.


Wholesale trends

Wholesale petrol prices decreased this week, with average TGP prices dropping by 10.6cpl.

Wholesale diesel prices also decreased this week, with average TGP prices going down by a significant 21.1cpl.


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Information is based on average price trends up to 10 am AEDT on 21 March 2022. The predictions are based on past fuel price trends and estimated forecasts, and should not be taken as a guarantee of actual or future performance. Fuel price data is aggregated from state government price reporting schemes and from WEX Australia fuel card transactions. Please note: Hobart and Darwin do not experience price cycles.


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