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WEX Motorpass fees explained.

When it comes to being transparent with our customers, we’re an open book. Our Fee Structure spells everything out from monthly card rates to tips for avoiding additional fees. We keep it fair and free of jargon to ensure every cardholder is on the same page.

Card Fees

Description Amount (GST exc.)
Monthly management fee $5.00 per card (1 - 5 cards)
$4.50 per card (6 - 10 cards)
$4.00 per card (11 - 24 cards)
$3.85 per card (25+ cards)
Additional card fee $8.00 per card
Replacement card fee $8.00 per card
Express card delivery fee $10.00 per envelope

Payment Fees

Description Amount (GST exc.)
Transaction fee $0.50 per transaction (at all fuel sites excluding Coles Express)
2% on all transactions (Coles Express only)
Credit card processing fee MasterCard and Visa – 1.3%
American Express – 2.1%
BPAY processing fee $0.90 per transaction
Cheque processing fee $9.50 per cheque
Late payment fee $60.00 administration fee plus a late payment fee of 5.82% of the overdue amount
Account suspension fee $60.00 + 1% of account balance per suspension
Over limit fee $60.00 plus 4.1% of over limit amount
Dishonoured payment fee $40.00 per instance
Debt collection referral fee $50.00 per instance
Reconciliation processing fee $25.00 per hour (minimum charge)

General Fees

Description Amount (GST exc.)
Email statement fee $0.00 per statement
Paper statement fee $5.95 per statement
Quarterly Activity Report fee $12.73 per card per annum
Annual Activity Report fee $15.00 per card per annum
Statement retrieval fee $10.00 per statement
Voucher retrieval fee $10.00 per voucher
Effective 27 November 2020. The fees in the fee schedule are subject to the WEX Terms and Conditions.

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