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Noventis is now operating solely as WEX Inc., within WEX’s Corporate Payments division. Backed by one of the industry’s most respected and fastest growing companies, we will continue to provide innovative solutions to the delivery of bill and invoice payments you’ve come to expect.

  • Optimized payments for revenue, efficiency and security
  • Patented processing technology that converts costly paper checks to revenue-generating e-payments
  • Massive payment network of national billers and small to medium-sized businesses
  • Solutions for banks and other FI’s, payment processors, accounting software providers, and any business accepting payments

Fast & Secure Delivery Of B2B & C2B Electronic Payments

Whether you are a payment sender in need of delivery or a supplier that receives payments, WEX creates value for your business and your customers. Our vast supplier network and proprietary processing platform combine to replace checks and other cumbersome payments with fast, secure and efficient electronic payments.

Payment Senders

Turn your payments program into a profit center by partnering with the payments provider specifically built to address your challenges.

  • Replace costly, paper check payments with revenue-generating virtual credit cards
  • Reduce your number of undeliverable corporate virtual card payments
  • Increase your e-payment rate with our vast network of over 125,000 suppliers
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Payment Receivers

Access faster payments and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Acceptance of virtual cards and e-payments exponentially quickens delivery-time
  • Integrates into your existing system so you can begin processing immediately
  • Reduces risk of fraud and identity theft while providing customers a fast, reliable payment route
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How We Do It

Our proprietary automation platform and network are creating a greatly expanded universe of electronically payable businesses.

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