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By working with us, we can help you set up your own customised fuel card program using WEX Motorpass. A number of companies have partnered with WEX to develop their own fuel card program with our expert support.

This program provides you with a fantastic opportunity for your brand and a way to generate even greater awareness. As part of the program, you will receive your own co-branded fuel cards and your customers will receive their financial statements with your branding included.

This is an exciting opportunity for your existing customers but also a different way to attract potential new customers to your business.

Customised fuel card programs offered by WEX Australia


Significant Benefits to Your Business

Our customised fuel card program can provide a number of significant benefits to your business, including:

  • Easy integration with your existing processes
  • Comprehensive accounting information is provided to ensure it is a seamless product to manage
  • Data and insights are provided that you can use to help you grow your business and improve the product performance

Similar Benefits to the WEX Motorpass Fuel Card

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Widely Accepted

One of Australia’s most widely accepted fuel cards. You will gain access to our extensive proprietary network of service stations across Australia.

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Greater Control and Security Over Spending

Our fuel card will provide your customers with greater control over their vehicle expenditure. Purchasing controls allow our customers to set volume and transaction limits for any cards, providing peace of mind when using our fuel cards.

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Streamlined Reporting Provides Greater Insights

Your customers can benefit from detailed insights allowing them to make smarter business decisions and identify opportunities to improve expenditure on fleet-related costs.

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Account is Accessible at a Time Convenient for You

All accounts can be accessed online, via the mobile application or through the dedicated customer service team at WEX. Your customers will have all the support they need to ensure they are happy with the product.

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Exclusive Access to a Wide-Range of Partner Benefits

WEX have a wide-range of partner benefits to support the WEX Motorpass fuel card product. You would receive access to these same partner benefits providing your customer with added value and even more reasons to take up your fuel card program.