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Our fuel card is designed to bring significant benefits to businesses of all sizes.

There are a number of advantages to using the WEX Motorpass fleet card. Below you can find an overview of some of the core benefits.

You may find some of these more beneficial to your business than other’s and that’s perfect – we design our fuel cards in a way so they can provide a wide range of benefits to meet a variety of business needs.

If you would like to find out more about our WEX Motorpass fuel card, please visit the WEX Motorpass website.

Benefits of WEX Motorpass

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Widely Accepted

The WEX Motorpass fuel card is accepted at over 6,000 service stations in Australia making it one of the most widely accepted cards across the country.

The drivers in your business can enjoy convenience and peace of mind knowing that there will always be somewhere close by to fill your tank without the restrictions of a single branded fuel card that is limited to one network.

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Greater Control and Security Over Spending

WEX Motorpass will provide greater control over vehicle expenditure and purchasing to minimise the risk of fraud to your business.

You can apply purchasing controls to your fuel cards to limit purchases by product, dollar amount, and more. The controls can help ensure the card is only used for the right reasons.

There is also the option to receive email alerts based on transaction behaviours you have pre-set further strengthening the control you have over the business spending.

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Streamlined Reporting to Provide You with Greater Insights

Our fuel card gives you access to level III data which is essential to monitor fuel spending and identify cost saving opportunities you previously could not identify.

This level of data allows businesses to make smarter decisions and focus on the cost-saving opportunities that can have the biggest impact such as improving fuel efficiency.

It is important to note that fuel, oil and other vehicle expenses with WEX Motorpass are consolidated onto one simple statement which is Australian Tax Office compliant. It makes life simpler for businesses.

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Account is Accessible at a Time Convenient to You

The account can be accessed online or via our mobile application and we have a dedicated customer service team available to help you if you need it.

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Exclusive Access to a Wide-Range of Partner Benefits

The benefits of WEX Motorpass are not just restricted to purchasing fuel. Using the fuel card opens up a wide range of partner benefits such as deals and discounts on tyres, batteries, servicing and even accommodation.

You could even save money with exclusive fuel discounts at selected service stations.