The retail petrol markets continue to move very slowly on the East Coast at the moment. It’s been 9 weeks since the start of the last price cycle in Sydney. Some of this is due to wholesale prices falling, however there seems to be a more structural shift in the price cycle dynamics here.


Current ULP average: 178.1cpl

Price range over the last week: 165.5cpl – 219.9cpl

Brisbane prices continue to fall slowly. This is the fifth week of the discount phase of the price cycle.


Current ULP average: 170.6cpl

Price range over the last week: 159.9cpl – 199.9cpl

Sydney prices fell 4cpl during the course of last week. This is a real sign that we are at the bottom of the price cycle here.


Current ULP average: 175.0cpl

Price range over the last week: 160.9cpl – 199.9cpl

Melbourne was similar to Sydney, however it probably still has another week to get to the bottom of the price cycle.


Current ULP average: 178.0cpl

Price range over the last week: 149.9cpl – 207.9cpl

Adelaide prices have fallen substantially since the last (short-lived) peak almost two weeks ago. We can expect another price spike in the next week or so.


Current ULP average: 166.2cpl

Price range over the last week: 157.9cpl – 201.9cpl

Perth average prices are coming down with wholesale price relief and we could even expect to see Wednesday’s next peak under the $2pl mark.


Current ULP average: 181.5cpl

Price range over the last week: 175.5cpl – 184.9cpl

Very little movement for Darwin last week.


Current ULP average: 186.5cpl

Price range over the last week: 177.9cpl – 197.9cpl

Prices fell in Hobart in line with recent wholesale price movements.

Retail diesel prices

Current Diesel averages:

ACT – 197.8cpl

Adelaide – 178.0cpl

Brisbane – 189.5cpl

Darwin – 206.4cpl

Hobart – 194.8cpl

Melbourne – 188.7cpl

Perth – 179.6cpl

Sydney – 187.7cpl

Further small drops in retail price across the country. Adelaide is again the lowest priced capital.

Wholesale trends

Wholesale petrol prices decreased this week with average TGP prices going down by 3.3cpl.

Wholesale diesel prices decreased this week with average TGP prices going down by 1.7cpl.

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Information is based on average price trends up to 10 am AEDT on 15 May 2023. The predictions are based on past fuel price trends and estimated forecasts, and should not be taken as a guarantee of actual or future performance. Fuel price data is aggregated from state government price reporting schemes and from WEX Australia fuel card transactions. Please note: Hobart and Darwin do not experience price cycles.


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