Your safety is a top priority, not just on the road but also when using your fuel card. To help you maintain a worry-free fuel card experience, we’ve put together 5 straightforward tips for secure fuel card usage. By following these steps, you’ll have the peace of mind you deserve while using your fuel card.

  1. Beware of skimming: Be vigilant for skimming devices when using your fuel card. Scratches on a card are a potential sign your card was skimmed.
  2. Privacy matters: Ensure no one is peering over your shoulder when you enter your pin code and cover your pin as you type it so it can’t be filmed.
  3. Keep pin secret: Never write your pin code on the fuel card, and avoid storing them together.
  4. Guard your card: Keep your fuel card safe and never leave it in your vehicle.
  5. Take swift action: If you’ve misplaced your fuel card, lost it, or your vehicle is broken into, immediately block the card to prevent any potential compromise.

Free printable poster
To make secure fuel card usage even easier, we offer a free printable poster that can be displayed in canteens, depots, and other relevant areas, providing clear guidance to your entire team. Download and print the poster today to ensure everyone in your team can use their fuel card with confidence and security!

This article was published on September 21, 2023.