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Secure your business payments with virtual card numbers 

Experience cutting-edge corporate payments with our in-house issuer processing platform and virtual card number management system. Our products seamlessly operate on the same systems, providing you with a unified payment solution that meets all your business payments needs.

A WEX Card disassembled to illustrate innovationA WEX Card disassembled to illustrate innovationA WEX Card disassembled to illustrate innovation

The virtual card payment process 

Enhance your supplier payment process with virtual cards, reducing the risk of fraud and unlocking additional rebate revenue. These transactions flow seamlessly over major card networks, allowing you to earn financial incentives based on your spending volumes. 

Identify supplier payment 

Manage and oversee your invoice data and approval process within your ERP. Easily identify supplier payments to be handled by WEX. 

Initiate single payments 

Initiate individual payments through API or transmit a payment file to WEX via SFTP, ensuring secure file upload within the UI.

Security validation 

WEX receives and verifies the security of the payment file, generating a single-use virtual card with enhanced security controls. 

Customized remittance  

WEX dispatches a personalised remittance to the supplier, including a secure link for accessing and processing the virtual card. 

Secure reconciliation  

WEX seamlessly transmits a secure reconciliation file back to your business.

Why choose WEX for your corporate payments? 

online travel agencies already use WEX as their payment platform
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One solution payment solution does it all 

Enhanced control 

Precise transaction limits and unique security parameters for each payment ensure granular control, minimising risks and fortifying your financial security. 

Efficient payments 

Streamlined payment journeys via UI or API result in faster payments, providing users with a seamless and efficient experience from initiation to completion. 

Simplified reconciliation 

The utilization of 100% data matching simplifies reconciliation processes, reducing errors and ensuring accuracy for a more efficient and streamlined financial workflow. 

Improved cash flow management 

Utilizing funding exclusively at the time of purchase enhances cash flow efficiency. This approach reduces overheads in invoicing, reconciliation, and accounts receivable, optimising your financial operations. 

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