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Simplify the business ofrunning your business 

Looking to manage employee benefits, streamline how you pay and get paid by suppliers, save on fuel costs, or modernize how you manage your fleet? WEX solutions reduce your administrative burdens.
Looking to manage employee benefits, streamline how you pay and get paid by suppliers, save on fuel costs, or modernize how you manage your fleet? WEX solutions reduce your administrative burdens. 

Specialized solutions on a powerful platform.


Modernize fleet mobility

WEX helps you save money on fuel and manage all your fleet needs, including both ICE and EV vehicles. You can better control these large expenses and streamline your mixed fleet operations with automation and insights from WEX. Explore our fleet and mobility solutions for any size or type of business.

Simplify benefits

WEX offers technology and customized solutions that meet employers’ end-to-end benefits needs and power partners’ thriving benefits offerings. Robust benefits administration and enrollment solutions help your employees get the most value from their benefits.

Streamline B2B payments

WEX enables businesses to run a modern B2B payments program to maximize efficiencies, save money, and help unlock the full revenue potential of digital payments. We make it easy to pay and get paid across your entire organization.

Develop with WEX

Put the power of our intelligent commerce platform to work in your own payments solution. Our easy-to-use APIs in our developer portal give you access to the most complete embedded payment platforms and fintech offerings.

Transform travel payments

The travel industry is evolving. Only the fastest, easiest, most secure B2B payments solution will do. WEX helps leading travel intermediaries efficiently and securely pay travel suppliers anywhere in the world. WEX helps you innovate at scale.
Set your business free by stripping away the complexities that hold it back.
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Thought leadership

What is a virtual credit card?

With cash becoming obsolete, virtual currency and the use of virtual cards for your business payments has become increasingly necessary. Learn how a virtual card works, how it reduces the risk of fraud and how it can save your business money.

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WEX is the B2B commerce partner of choice.
“WEX [has] offered better service and better technology, and they customized their solutions to adapt to our highly specific needs. Working with WEX has been a win-win.”
Expedia, Inc.
“WEX and Mastercard have been partners for an incredibly long time and we've both grown together to fundamentally develop this industry.”
John Levitsky, executive vice president, Mastercard
“This feels like a partnership. With other vendors, I feel like a client. It makes me feel I have a partner I can trust.”
Miranda Gendi, benefits manager

Insights from the world of B2B payments.

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Customer-focused. Values-based. Innovation-driven. We are WEX.
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Our customers bring us their complex challenges. Drawn from diverse cultures and experiences, we always seek a better way. WEXers approach every opportunity with ingenuity, curiosity, and tenacity. We’re ready to simplify your business.

Modernize fleet mobility

Find the best fuel card or fleet mobility management solution to save money and meet the evolving needs of any type of fleet or size of business.

Streamline B2B payments

B2B payments can save you money, help you negotiate better terms, build supplier loyalty, and even boost your revenue.

Simplify benefits

Our solutions solve employers’ end-to-end benefits needs including HSA, FSA, and COBRA, help employees get the most value from their benefits, and power partners’ business growth.

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