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Our fleet cards – stacked to your advantage 

For businesses operating a fleet of vehicles, effective fuel payment management is now more crucial than ever. Take charge of your fuel and charging expenses for maximum savings, efficiency and safety with WEX fleet cards. 

Three WEX fuel cardsThree WEX fuel cardsThree WEX fuel cards

Esso Card™

With more than 3,600 filling stations in the UK accepting Esso Card™ and over 13,300 across Europe, your drivers are always close to their next refuelling stop. What’s more, Esso Card™ is now accepted at BP and Shell-branded fuel stations, and this network is expanding rapidly. 

Refueling made easy 

Simply refuel at any of the numerous filling stations across the UK and Europe, just use your Esso Card™ and complete the payment with your PIN code. 

Track expenses 

Managing your fuel expenses is now simpler than ever. Access online reports to track where and how often your vehicles and drivers refuel. 

Save money 

In addition to cutting costs through effective fuel management, save money with discounts on Esso Synergy fuel. 

Simplify reporting 

Easily create personalized reports with detailed transaction information for your entire fleet or specific vehicles. 

Reduce time wasted 

Avoid unnecessary costs from inefficient route changes and save time with our free fuel station finder, e-route, offering a simple-to-navigate map of sites. 

Stay safe 

Each Esso Card™ comes with a secure PIN and is assigned to a specific vehicle or driver, and can be limited by time of day/day of week and countries accepted. 

Gain the advantage with a fuel card 

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Find out how WEX can grow your business

Discover new fleet management possibilities 

EV charging 

Charge on the road or at home with EV & ICE fuelling packages designed to keep your EV fleet moving, offering access to charging stations across Europe.

Online management 

Gain insight into where and when cards are used by your fleet and easily add new cards or cancel existing ones online. 

Analytics and reporting

Monitor fuel usage and expenditure of your fleet, and consolidate it all into one HMRC compliant invoice. 

Secure transactions 

Every fuel card has an individual PIN allocated to a specific driver or vehicle and cards can be set to only work on specific days or countries, to reduce fraud. 

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