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Specialised travel solutions on a powerful payments platform 

Discover the power of globally trusted B2B payment solutions on WEX’s powerful travel payments platform. Efficiently and securely pay travel suppliers anywhere in the world. 

A smiling woman using WEX applications for travel paymentsA smiling woman using WEX applications for travel paymentsA smiling woman using WEX applications for travel payments

API integrations 

Leverage the versatility of the WEX payment API, capable of handling multiple payment methods through a single integration. Pay suppliers in the manner they prefer, all with streamlined efficiency. 

Third-party integrations 

Effortlessly integrate WEX virtual card numbers (VCNs) into your current credit card infrastructure, opening avenues to streamline reconciliation and enhance various back-office processes. 

Standalone platform 

Gain swift access to our payments platform, empowering you to seamlessly create, update, modify, and retrieve payments. Additionally, access associated supplier information and dispatch supplier notifications with efficiency. 

Streamline travel payments using WEX virtual card numbers 

Navigating the dynamic travel industry demands a versatile, tailored, and secure B2B payments solution. Online travel agencies (OTAs) and travel intermediaries seek payment flexibility and adaptable funding choices to seamlessly meet suppliers’ preferences without additional hassle. 

WEX virtual card numbers (VCNs) empower OTAs to automate reconciliation, mitigate counterparty risk, curb fraud, and achieve superior payment outcomes throughout the entire value chain. 

  • Improve payment security with a single-use, 16-digit card number generated for each supplier transaction. 
  • Increase cost savings, reduced bank fees, and expedited reconciliation processes for increased efficiency. 
  • Serve as the merchant of record, streamlining payments and maximising direct revenue and rebates. 
  • Automate labour-intensive processes and streamline reconciliation for increased efficiency. 
An application used to manage virtual card payments

Why choose WEX for your corporate payments? 

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