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Esso Card™  

Keep your fleet fueled and your business in motion with Esso Card™ Europe. Gain access to an extensive station network, spanning major trunk roads, borders, and ports across 8 countries in Europe. 

Three WEX fuel cardsThree WEX fuel cardsThree WEX fuel cards

What is an Esso Card™?

Discover the unique features of the WEX Esso Card™

Save time and money 

Unlock significant savings by taking advantage of Esso Synergy™ fuel discounts. You can also streamline your expenses through efficient route planning with our complimentary fuel station finder, e-route. This user-friendly tool provides a straightforward map of sites, ensuring not only cost-effectiveness but also time-saving convenience for your journeys. 

Simplify tracking and reporting

Simplify fuel expense management with our user-friendly platform. Easily track refueling habits with online reports, generate personalized reports effortlessly, and eliminate admin hassles with a single HMRC-compliant invoice. Manage cards online with ease – add new ones or cancel existing ones. Focus more on growing your business, we’ll handle the fuel expense details. 

An ever-growing network 

The effectiveness of Esso card™ is based on its acceptance at convenient locations and its proximity to your next refueling stop, irrespective of whether your business operates locally, nationally, or across Europe. 

Esso card™’s UK network is one of the largest and fastest-growing among fuel card providers, providing extensive coverage. Similarly, in Europe, the network ranks among the most expansive.  

Safe and supported 

At Esso Card™, we prioritize protecting your transactions from fraud. To limit your exposure, our dedicated team of expert analysts actively monitors for any suspicious activity. Every Esso Card™ is fortified with an additional layer of security—protected with a PIN number and linked to a specific vehicle or driver. This ensures that only authorized personnel within your company can use it. 

Furthermore, regardless of the size of your fleet, every Esso Card™ customer is assigned a dedicated account manager to facilitate the account setup process. Post-setup, our team of expert advisors offers continuous support to meet your evolving business needs.

A smiling truck driver looking out the window

“We’ve been using Esso Card™ for over a year now, and it’s made a big difference to our day-to-day work. We’ve made cost savings and our drivers’ jobs a lot easier. It’s also allowed us to improve the service we offer our customers.”

Transport Manager

Carpet Design and Flooring Ltd

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Explore the added benefits of Esso Card™


Charge worry-free with our extensive on-the-road network, with tailored solutions for shared or individually assigned vehicles. 

Fuel options 

With a focus on mixed fleets and environmental considerations, we aim to provide access to the fuel types or charging solutions necessary for your business to excel. 


Get seamless access to Europe’s extensive toll road network, ensuring efficient navigation on the continent. Our toll solutions product simplifies ETC fee payments.

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