We’re delighted to welcome five new commercial partners who are joining the WEX Europe Services family and are bringing the unique benefits of Esso Card™ to their customers.

Our ‘Fab Five’ demonstrate that WEX Europe Services is a business other businesses want to work with, and we have a brand and a value-added service that they are proud to be seen alongside and want to offer to their customers.  The ‘Fab Five’ are:

Van Monster, a used van sales business that sells over 600 vans a month mainly to sole traders/partnerships.

Trade Direct Insurance, an insurance broker for trades businesses of typically less than 15 employees.

Kerry London, the sister company of Trade Direct Insurance but providing policies for bigger fleet sizes such as construction companies. They have 2,500 policy holders and they will be launching near the end of the month, possibly early October.

Powered Now, which provides an app to help trades businesses manage their business administration including sending out professional quotes, tracking expenses etc. Powered Now currently has 5,000 customers currently and rapid growth plans over the next couple of years. This partnership will be launching in the next couple of weeks.

FleetCheck which provides a fleet management system to over 1,100 customers. As well as offering its customers competitive pricing on their fuel, FleetCheck wants to integrate our fuel data using our fuel card into their management system to allow their customers to have a holistic view and real control over their fleet.

We’re looking forward to driving forward with our new partners.